What is Free on Amazon Fire Stick?

The Amazon Fire TV Stick—also known as the FireStick, Fire Stick, or Firestick—is a streaming device that’s just a little larger than your average USB flash drive with an HDMI connector. You’re supposed to stick it beside or behind an HDMI HDTV to allow it to stream services like Netflix or Prime Video.

Which services can you download for free and use without a subscription attached to it? Let’s find out!

Is Netflix free with Amazon Fire Stick?

Technically, the app is free on Amazon Fire TV Stick. The subscription isn’t though. You need to at least pay $9.99 per month for a basic subscription and up to $20 for an Ultra HD 4K streaming subscription on certain titles.

In fact, most of the subscription apps available here are free to download but not free to use save for a handful of exceptions.

Is Hulu free with Amazon Fire Stick?

Although the Hulu app for FireStick can be downloaded for free, you also need to sign up for a paid subscription of $5.99 monthly to watch your favorite content. Sadly, this wasn’t always the case.

Hulu used to offer free viewable content paid for by commercials or skippable ads like with YouTube. You used to get a subscription in order to avoid the ads but still watch for free.

Is Apple TV free with Amazon Fire Stick?

The Apple TV app is free to download and use on Amazon FireStick. However, like with Netlfix, you need to have an Apple TV+ or Apple TV Plus subscription in order to purchase specific videos you wish to stream. Most any app is free even for paid subscriptions.

Is Sling TV free with Amazon Fire Stick?

Get a 14-day free trial for Sling TV—that’s zero dollars for two weeks—if you’re a U.S. customer who has purchased an Amazon Fire TV Stick streaming media stick or Fire TV Cube. They’re both qualifying devices that allow you to ostensibly qualify for this promo.

In that point of view, you can get Sling TV for free. However, acquire it only while the promo lasts. It’s also subject to change.

Is Acorn TV free with Amazon Fire Stick?

Acorn TV and its requisite app are available for free download on Amazon Fire TV Stick. The subscription itself isn’t free though. You need to subscribe and pay about $5.99—cheaper than Netflix—to enjoy British TV goodness straight from across the pond when push comes to shove!

Is Now TV free with Amazon Fire Stick?

As for Now TV, it’s not free. It’s “now” available for download in devices like the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Generation Fire TV Stick along with the Fire TV Stick Lite though. However, to begin watching the curated content of Now or NOW TV you need to avail of a membership.

It has 4 types of membership to choose from—Hayu (Reality TV), Sports, Cinema, and Entertainment.

Is Tubi TV free with Amazon Fire Stick?

Yes. Tubi TV is designed to be free. However, many of its content are things you wouldn’t pay to stream. However, you can find some hidden gems here if you look hard enough. You can search for Tubi TV on your Amazon FireStick search function like you would Netflix and it’ll work fine.

Is YouTube TV free with Amazon Fire Stick?

Ah, here we go. Yes, YouTube is free whether it’s the app or the service. Granted, YouTube also introduced YouTube Red or YouTube Premium for an ad-free viewing experience of its copyrighted content as well as YouTube Originals.

Cobra Kai used to be a YouTube Red show! However, most of its content is free, and most people prefer to watch YouTube free like they do on their PCs or mobile phones.

Is ITV free with Amazon Fire Stick?

You can install the ITV Hub on your Amazon Fire TV Stick by searching for it on the search bar if you’re a U.K. resident. The ITV Hub app isn’t available on FireStick if you’re not from Great Britain. There’s a loophole for this though.

Go to the home screen, select the “Find” menu, click on the “Search option, type “Internet Browser”, select and click “Download”, open app, type “ITV.com”, open ITV’s homepage, log-in to ITV, and then view the site on the browser.

Is Prime Video free with Amazon Fire Stick?

Yes, obviously. It comes with the streaming stick, even. You still need a subscription but you really should pay for that along with the stick too. Technically, the stick, comes with a 30-day free trial but any day after is considered a renewed subscription unless you cancel before the deadline.

Is Philo free with Amazon Fire Stick?

As usual, the Philo subscription isn’t free but downloading the Philo app is free. You can watch the service without paying buy using its 7-day free trial or doing some account sharing with people who can pay for the service.


Get the app by searching for “Philo” on your Fire TV Stick search bar then selecting “Get App”.

Is Disney Plus free with Amazon Fire Stick?

No. You cannot watch Disney Plus or Disney+ on FireStick for free because the app doesn’t offer its content for free on Amazon. That means you can’t even find free trials for it. You can only get it when you already have a Disney+ subscription because Disney offers no freebies for Amazon.

Is HBO free with Amazon Fire Stick?

The HBO (Home Box Office) Channel has a streaming service for it specific movie content you can find on cable but this time it’s video-on-demand a la Netflix via the HBO Go app. You can download the app on the stick for a free trial but you’ll have to pay to continue using it.

Also, check if the stick works with the app since it’s not a given that it’s compatible with the device like it is with TiVo or Roku.

Is HBO Max free with Amazon Fire Stick?

HBO Max is a different service from the HBO streaming app, by the way. However, since it’s part of the HBO package, do take note if you’re already an HBO Cable TV customer, HBO Max should be free for you and it should serve as a free channel when you download it on the Fire TV Stick.

As part of the package deal with HBO Go, you don’t need to pay a monthly subscription free for the HBO Max service. You still need to pay for it though.

What are Apps to watch movies for free on FireStick?

As already mentioned, go for Tubi TV (weak selection but guaranteed free) and YouTube (mostly Let’s Plays, Vevo music videos, and “pirated” copyrighted content that should easily get deleted in a few hours to a few days).

There’s also ExpressVPN (to bypass geo restrictions), Cinema APK, CatMouse, CyberFlix TV, PopcornFlix, Titanium TV, BeeTV, Nova TV, FilmPlus, CucoTV, CineHub, BBC iPlayer, Kodi, Syncler, Stremio, Plex, Viva TV, Vudu, Crackle, Pluto TV, and so forth.


What apps are free on jailbroken FireStick?

If your Fire TV Stick has been jailbroken–jailbreak it at your own risk, it nullifies your warranty–you should still get ExpressVPN to get over those pesky geo-restrictions. Also get Downloader, since that allows you to install third-party APKs on your stick.

Cinema HD APK allows you to pull links from different web sources to play on your Fire TV Stick wantonly. Cyberflix TV, meanwhile, has a significantly large (and free) content library for TV shows and moves while supporting Real-Debrid Integration.

Related Questions (Answered)

Let’s now talk about some related questions regarding the topic.

Free apps on Amazon Fire Stick

Free apps for Amazon Fire Stick include nearly everything on this list since you don’t really pay for apps and several other apps that Amazon Fire TV Stick won’t download unless you’ve jailbroken your stick, such as Cinema HD APK or Downloader.

Best apps for jailbroken FireStick

Aside from ExpressVPN (with its geo-restriction bypass features) and Downloader (with its ability to install third-party APKs on your stick), you should get Kodi Media Center. It works best with add-ons in order to take your FireStick experience to the next level.

These features allow you to do things like carry a number of streams and links without buffering or categorize free TV shows, movies, and videos automatically.

Best movie apps for jailbroken FireStick

Aside from Cinema HD APK, and Cyberflix TV, get Tea TV because it’s a third-party streaming service that refreshes its content daily instead of every other week like with Netflix or with a stagnant selection pool like with Tubi TV.

Best sports apps for jailbroken FireStick

TV Tap Pro  is the best for live TV streams of things like the NFL Super Bowl or the NBA Finals plus it comes with a robust list of sports channels. Live Net TV functions the same way in terms of HD livestreaming.

Best apps for jailbroken FireStick Live TV

Get BeeTV for its media tool to find links from file-hosting websites when it comes to quality or popular TV shows and movies. HD Streamz, meanwhile, offer you all the HD-quality TV streams available on the net.

Has anyone gotten in trouble for using jailbroken FireStick?

No one has gotten in trouble jailbreaking their FireStick, but it does nullify its warranty and if you break it you can’t get it fixed or replaced on Amazon’s dime. You need go third-party repair for it.


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