The Best Thermal Pads for PS4 Pro

What’s a thermal pad? Is it like thermal paste? Why do you need to buy it for your PS4? Why can’t someone just choose a thermal pad for me and install it instead of me doing it like I’m building a PC?

The PS4 Pro is the updated 4K UHD HDR version of the original PS4—as opposed to the lightweight PS4 Slim that could play both UHD and FHD games from both the PS4 and the PS4 Pro. The Pro has some PC-like features akin to an overclocked PC used for gaming.

Also, because of its UHD gaming, it tends to deal with overheating often. Therefore, you’ve probably stumbled into this article to find the best thermal pads for ps4 pro in order to help deal with its thermal features.

Best Thermal Pads for PS4 Pro Buying Guide

Like with a PC, the overclocked UHD version of the PS4 requires so much graphical and computational power that its moving parts will really overheat like an overclocked gaming PC. Therefore, like many PC users before you, console gamers using the PS4 Pro should get their hands on a thermal pad.

Although most casual console gamers will balk at the prospect of installing thermal pads on their PS4 consoles, they’re still the most effective way to cool down your graphic cards and RAM as well as your motherboard chipsets.

Why Should Your PS4 Pro Use a Thermal Pad?

For most console gamers with zero PC hardware maintenance experience, it’s easer to install thermal pads than thermal grease or paste. On top of that, it’s probably cheaper for them to hire someone to install the thermal pads for them when push comes to shove.

  • What are Thermal Pads for? When the CPU of your PS4 Pro ends up overheating, this means that there’s something wrong with the native cooling process. You need thermal material between the heatsink and the CPU surface to correct this.
  • What’s the Appeal of Pads Then? Pads serve as another option in case you’re not skilled enough to put on thermal paste inside your PS4. Or you can have someone do it for you. Some stock CPU coolers include pads due to their clean and nice appearance.
  • User-Friendly Heat Mitigation: PS4 thermal pads mitigates the heat generated from regular PS4 Pro processor operation in a much cleaner fashion than thermal paste, which many novices apply wrongly, resulting in poor heat regulation.
  • An Important Part of PS4 Pro Maintenance: Like with the filters of your projector or the heatsink of your PC, you cannot overstate the importance of your gaming console’s thermal pads when cooling your CPU even though a properly applied paste offers superior cooling.
  • Thermal Conductivity: The average thermal conductivity you should be on the lookout for is 3 W/mK. You can avail of super high-grade solutions of 14 W/mK and above that should cost you about $20 or so.

PS4 Thermal Pad vs. PS4 Thermal Paste

A thermal pad deals with PS4 Pro cooling, but for components that generate less heat compared to the CPU. This includes various ICs such as the motherboard chipset/northbridge/southbridge, VRM, memory chips, or Platform Hub Controller (PCH).

Any high-spec computer that does a lot of graphic crunching will require thermal pad cooling assistance.

  • Things That Use the Thermal Pad: Aside from the PS4 Pro, it could also see applications on the PS4 Original and PS4 Slim as well as other game stations, game consoles, and several types of laptops (mostly the gaming ones).
  • Thermal Paste for PC Bros: Hardcore PC gamers who know how to build their own PCs will likely prefer to deal with thermal paste more than the average casual gamer. In contrast, thermal pads might be more up to speed than the average console gamer.

You’ll have an easier time applying PS4 thermal pads compared to the thermal paste. It’s more DIY-friendly for cooling heatsinks as well as routers, repeaters, and other components that generate huge amounts of heat.

  • Better Than Thermal Paste? No, they’re not better than a thin layer of properly applied thermal paste. However, most prefer the pad because of its user-friendly assembly and installation. The existence of pads does widen your options a bit.
  • Thermal Pad Thickness: You can avail of thermal pads in various sizes and thicknesses such as 3 millimeters, 2 millimeters, 1 millimeter, or 0.5 millimeters. What’s more, it’s important to remember to only avail of a new thermal pad for your PS4 if the current one is broken.

Thermal pad replacements work to replicate the thermal paste heat absorption effect. However, it does it in a cleaner manner using paraffin wax, rubber, or silicon to conduct the heat away from heat-sensitive or heat-producing components to cool them down.

  • Lesser Heat: Less powerful GPU or CPU that generates lesser head compared to faster processors can depend on the thermal pad. PS4 Pro thermal pads allow you or a pro to apply it to the heatsink much easier than thermal paste.

How to Apply PS4 Thermal Pad

The thermal pad—also known as the thermally conductive pad or thermal interface pad—has adhesive that allows you to stick it to the CPU, GPU, or heatsink.

Learn how to disassemble your PS4 Pro and locate components on YouTube “How To” channels or have a technician do it for you for a price.

  • Don’t Forget to Replace: Whenever you dismount the heatsink, never forget to get a new thermal pad installed. Meanwhile, make sure to remove all the accumulated debris while you’re at it. After heatsink removal, you will have to deal with new gaps between the surfaces.
  • A DIY Pad: If you’re unsure of how to apply the paste in a non-haphazard manner that fills in all spaces, you can avail of the thermal pad itself to do the job for you. It’s all about identifying which components require it and placing the pad like a sticker in the right place.
  • Cross the Threshold of Casual Gamer: Once you bother crossing the threshold of passive console gamer to a technically literate console gamer, you’ll see that it’s not that hard to apply these pads. This way, you can play games and maintain your PS4.
  • A Lower Learning Curve: It’s more complicated to apply thermal paste than the pad. You just need to identify where the heatsink and CPU are located then know which component should be disassembled then reassembled on your PS4 Pro.
  • Preformed Shapes for Sandwiching: The PS4 Pro pads have already been cut in preformed shapes so you can sandwich them at the point of contact between the GPU or CPU and cooler of your PS4 Pro. They fill in the imperfections on the metal surfaces for better heat conduction.

7 Best Thermal Pads for PS4 Pro

Here are the best consumer-grade PS4 Pro thermal pads we can find off of Amazon.

1. A PS4 Pro Thermal Pad with Excellent Thermal Conductivity

The Nkomax Thermalright Thermal Pad offers excellent insulation and its contact with any electrical traces wouldn’t result in damage of any sort. On top of serving as a PS4 Pro thermal pad replacement for better cooling, it also works with the heatsinks for PCs, laptops, and other game consoles.

Thermalright Thermal Pad
Thermalright Thermal Pad

This $19 deal is a definitive LED, CPU, GPU, or heatsink cooling pad measuring 2.5 millimeters that sets the standards we’re looking for in such a product.

Temperature Range-40°C to 200°C (-40°F to 392°F)
Thermal Conductivity12.8 W/mK
MaterialThermal silica gel
Weight1.76 ounces
Dimensions6.42 x 2.44 x 0.02 inches
Unique FeaturesIt won’t easily melt. It’s also non-toxic, odorless, anti-corrosion, wear-resistant, anti-static, fire-retardant, and good compression.

2. A PS4 Pro Heatsink or GPU Thermal Pad That’s Soft and Malleable

You can get the 30-piece pack of SIXQJZML Soft Silicone Thermal Conductive Pads. It’s the budget pack that works serviceably well and has a ready supply of extras for long-term replacement of the pads as required for your gaming needs.

Soft Silicone Thermal Conductive Pads
Soft Silicone Thermal Conductive Pads

However, you’re getting this in bulk because it’s less than half of the average ideal thermal conductivity of 3 W/mK.

Temperature Range-50°C to 200°C (-58°F to 392°F)
Thermal Conductivity1.2 W/mK
Weight0.81 ounces
Dimensions5 x 3.1 x 0.2 inches
Unique FeaturesIt has the tensile strength of 12Kgf/cm² and the breakdown voltage of 4.5 Kv. It uniquely features malleability with a little viscosity.

3. The Super-Compatible Thermal Pad with High-Temperature Resistance

The main claim to fame of the SIXQJZML Soft Silicone Thermal Conductive Pads? It has a high-temperature resistance range of -100°C to 250°C (-148°F to 482°F).

Thermopad Thermal Grizzly Minus Pad 8
Thermopad Thermal Grizzly Minus Pad 8

It’s specifically super compatible for not only the PS4 Pro but also the PS4 Slim and original PS4 as well as the PS3, PS5, Xbox 360, Xbox One, Xbox Series X and S, and even MacBook heat dissipation.

Temperature Range-100°C to 250°C (-148°F to 482°F)
Thermal Conductivity8.0 W/mK
Weight1.06 ounces
Dimensions4.72 x 0.79 x 0.04 inches
Unique FeaturesIt has a noise level of 14 dB. It’s also a self-adhesive and thermally conductive pad with a flexible structure.

4. An Even More User-Friendly Nonstick PS4 Pro Thermal Pad for Beginners

The  ARCTIC Thermal Pad might not have the highest thermal conductivity value, but it is way better than the SIXQJZML 30-pad pack. Its 6 W/mK thermal conductivity doubles the 3 W/mK average.

 ARCTIC Thermal Pad 145 x 145 x 1.0 mm
ARCTIC Thermal Pad 145 x 145 x 1.0 mm

Also, it’s easy to apply for beginners because it’s non-adhesive and can be repositioned after application.

Temperature Range-40°C to 200°C (-40°F to 392°F)
Thermal Conductivity6.0 W/mK
Weight‎0.353 ounces
Dimensions‎5.71 x 5.71 x 0.04 inches
Unique FeaturesIt doesn’t contain metallic particles. You can easily apply and reposition it because it’s nonstick. It’s non-capacitive as well.

5. Comparable Thermal Conductivity to Nkomax at a More Affordable Price

The reliable, durable, and nonconductive  WENDU Thermalright Thermal Pad also enjoys wide application like the Thermal Grizzly pad. You can use it for heatsinks, control boards, motherboards, CPU, GPU, and so forth.

Thermal Pad 1.5mm 12.8 W/mK, 85x45x1.5mm
Thermal Pad 1.5mm 12.8 W/mK, 85x45x1.5mm

When installing the thermal pad, you can cut it to the right size at will. It won’t easily melt, it’s fire-retardant, it resists wear-down and corrosion, and it’s nontoxic and odorless.

Temperature Range-40°C to 200°C (-40°F to 392°F)
Thermal Conductivity12.8 W/mK
MaterialThermal silica gel
Weight0.95 ounces
Dimensions6.62 x 3.15 x 0.16 inches
Unique FeaturesIt has 3.1±0.2 G/cc density, a hardness of 30 to 55 Sc, and a 9.8 Kv breakdown voltage. It also has amazing plasticity.

6. Highly Durable, High Thermal Conductivity Thermal Pad for a Silicone-Based Pad

The 3-pack AVNTKER Thermal Pad has a pretty high thermal conductivity for a silicone-based thermal pad. Its 12 W/mK thermal conductivity can be compared to thermal silica gel pads like WENDU and Nkomax.

AVNTKER 12 W/mK Thermal Pad
AVNTKER 12 W/mK Thermal Pad

Regardless, it effectively cools down your PS4 Pro’s temperature in seconds without endangering your sensitive components with electrical surges.

Temperature Range-40°C to 200°C (-40°F to 392°F)
Thermal Conductivity12.0 W/mK
Weight5.3 ounces
Dimensions6.5 x 5.31 x 0.51 inches
Unique FeaturesIt’s a soft, compressible, non-conductive, electrically insulating, and high temperature thermal pad with a wide application range.

7. The Thermal Pad with the Highest Thermal Conductivity Rating on This List

The Innovation Cooling Graphite Thermal Pad or “IC” Thermal Pad (Get it?) has almost everything in terms of specs, particularly when it comes to its whopping 35 W/mK thermal conductivity rating that blows all others away on this list.

 Innovation Cooling Graphite Thermal Pad
Innovation Cooling Graphite Thermal Pad

Fair warning, though. IC Graphite is electrically conductive! Contact with electrical components can permanently damage them.

Temperature Range200°C to 400°C (392°F to 752°F)
Thermal Conductivity35.0 W/mK
Weight0.352 ounces
Dimensions5 x 2.9 x 1 inches
Unique FeaturesIt’s more durable, has higher temperature resistance, and has superior thermal conductivity than silicone-based pads. However, it’s electrically conductive.

Keep This in Mind

The best thermal pad on this list includes Thermal Grizzly Thermopad Minus Pad 8, followed by ARCTIC Thermal Pad and Nkomax Thermalright Thermal Pad.

They’re good PS4 thermal pads because they work as effectively as PS4 thermal paste but with a more user-friendly bent to them. The one with the best thermal conductivity by the specs is IC Graphite Thermal Pad though.

A good thermal pad should transfer heat from the hot areas of the PS4’s circuit board into a heatsink or heat absorber. The PS4, PS4 Pro, and PS4 Slim all require a quality thermal pad to transfer heat away and keep them running at cool temperatures.


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