Is Netflix free on Apple TV

Is Netflix free on Apple TV?

About Apple TV, this is a best seller range of products made by Apple besides iPhone or iPad. With the latest versions of Apple TV, you have a great chance to achieve better quality audio and video.

Netflix now offers customers to enjoy their services at an affordable price for different regions and countries. But if you use Netflix on Apple TV, do you have to pay any extra cost? Can Netflix be free on Apple TV devices?

Is Netflix free on Apple TV?

Netflix is now available on most of the Apple TV models except for Apple TV Gen 1. Even though you can install the Netflix app for your device free of charge, you still have to pay a monthly fee to maintain your Netflix account.

In case you are living outside the US, you will be able to make your Netflix bill through VISA or Master cards or other approved methods of overseas payment. The price of Netflix service is sometimes diversified a little bit among countries and regions.

The Netflix platform

Netflix was released to the public in 1997 in the US. Since then, it has become one of the most favorite streaming platforms in not only the US but also many other countries. Compared to other services, Netflix offers their users a huge library of original movies and shows suitable for both adults and children.


Moreover, the price of their services is also reasonable for the majority of viewers. Specifically, you would have to pay 8.99$ for the basic plan, 13.99$ for the standard plan,s and 17.99$ for premium ones. The more you are willing to pay, the more services you can get from Netflix.

Although all options give you a chance to connect with every available content on Netflix, they also have some significant features. With the basic Netflix, you can only stream your movies or shows on one device without HD resolution. Meanwhile, in the standard option, it is possible for you to watch any program with high definition on two devices at the same time. At last, the Netflix premium can display shows or films at the best quality with HD and 4K Ultra HD as well as support up to 4 devices.

Due to the exchange rate, the price might have some discrepancies among countries around the world. However, in general, those prices mentioned above are quite affordable for different kinds of Netflix users.

Which Apple TV generation can support Netflix?

Because of its popularity, it is now available on a wide range of streaming devices including Apple TV. Unlike with other services, Apple offers customers to use Netflix easily on most of their Apple TV aside from Apple TV Gen 1. You now can download Netflix without extra cost on the App Store. Sometimes your Apple TV installs Netflix app in advance so you do not need to download it again.

With the latest version of the Apple TV model, you will be able to enjoy the best quality of video and audio together with the smart remote. Therefore, it is always highly recommended for you to update your device in order to experience many newest technologies available.

Can you use Netflix on Apple TV free of charge?

In spite of its free download cost, you still have to pay your monthly charge so as to keep your Netflix account available for use. At the beginning, you do not need to pay any extra fee for Netflix when you buy your Apple TV at stores. During your period of use, you will be able to settle your Netflix bill through your Apple ID.

It is a simple process to make a successful payment for Netflix with your Apple TV. In case you do not have any Apple ID already, you can still pay your fee via other methods. However, if you are using Apple products like Apple TV, it is more convenient for you to do this with your Apple ID. Even in some countries supporting iTunes gift cards, you also will have the ability to use this gift card to pay for your Netflix fee.

Apple TV subscriptions
Apple TV subscriptions

Some questions related to the connection of Netflix on Apple TV

Why can’t you find the Netflix app on your Apple TV?

This issue would come from the fact some Apple TVs with the latest tvOS version can hide or move your apps. Thus, you should check whether your device is updated or not in order to find the most suitable measure to handle it. Otherwise, you can contact Apple Support to ask for their help.

How can you find the hidden apps on your Apple TV?

If you are using the Apple TV Gen 4 or later, you will be able to switch into Unhidden mode by re-installing your app in the App Store. However, for older models like Apple TV Gen 3, your app will be unhidden when you select the option in the Main menu.

Final thoughts

To sum up, Apple users currently make use of their Netflix services on every Apple TV model excluding the Apple TV first generation. It takes you no cost for installing the Netflix app on your Apple TV devices. Nevertheless, you still ought to make your payment for Netflix on the monthly basis to keep using it.

Based on your own demand, you will be able to choose among basic, standard and premium Netflix with different prices. Each option can bring you the equivalent service quality.

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