Is Epix Free on XFinity or Not

Is Epix Free on XFinity or Not?

Is Epix or ePix free on the XFinity or Xfinity streaming app? Well, no. It’s available on the Xfinity app as an extra channel like it is with Roku and Amazon Prime. However, you need to have an Epix subscription for it to work

When it comes to buzz-worthy programming and hit movies from past and present, Epix can give even Netflix a run for its money. Perhaps literally, since MGM, Paramount, Lionsgate, and Viacom has been taking their content off of Netflix and putting it on the Epix network and VOD service.

XFinity or Xfinity, meanwhile, is a streaming app to rival Roku and Amazon Prime as a platform for different channels to converge into. So is epix free on xfinity? Keep on reading to find out.

Is Epix Free on XFinity?

No. But it’s available there.  You can order an Xfinity subscription then add Epix as another channel. In other words, you need to buy an Epix subscription for use in XFinity the same way you need to buy the same VOD service on the Roku Channel Store or the Amazon Prime subscription.

It’s a subscription on top of another subscription. First, you need to be an Xfinity TV customer. Afterwards, choose the X1 TV package, add it to your cart, select Epix (or EPIX) and other add-on channels for good measure, and then process the payment.

It’s an add-on channel for Xfinity that will cost you extra rather than as part of a package compared to other services like and PlayStation Vue. On the other hand, those feature channel livestreams.

Is Epix Free on XFinity or Not
Is Epix Free on XFinity or Not

Where Can You Get Epix for Free?

You can get a livestream of the Epix channel (rather than a VOD format of its content) on Sling TV and PlayStation Vue. Otherwise, you can access the network on your HDTV via your premium cable package on top of web accessibility of Epix content on the app and the official website as long as your network subscription exists.

Without the network subscription, you’ll need to subscribe to the Epix video-on-demand service provided by its app care of a $5.99 monthly subscription. A network subscription is cheaper and nets you other channels to view though.

Aside from that, you can only get Epix through pirated streams of the Epix Network or pirated VOD content of MGM, Paramount, Lionsgate, Viacom, and so forth.

What Does the XFinity Stream App Bring to the Table?

How does the Xfinity app compare to something like Netflix? Well, for one thing, most of the content you used to catch on Netflix from MGM to Paramount is now only available on Epix, which you can get with your Xfinity app subscription.

The app also works on any screen anywhere. Netflix roughly works the same way, from PCs to smartphons as well as HDTVs. However, XFinity has fewer hiccups compared to, say, Netflix attempting a daisy-chained connection between the Apple TV and your projector.

Also, Watch Top Networks and Live Sports

Indeed, it allows you to stream multiple channel—some part of the Xfinity package while others working as add-ons like Epix. You can watch thousands of on-demand movies and shows as well as live sports (the SuperBowl or the NBA Finals) and top networks.

It’s different from Netflix that’s exclusively VOD, which neglects the demands for timeslots and live sports events that don’t feel the same when prerecorded.

You can even download recordings for you to watch offline on your phone or tablet for later if you lack an Internet connection in your vicinity.

What Does Epix Itself Bring to the Table?

Epix came about first and foremost as a network channel rather than VOD. The VOD version came later. This is why you can stream Epix content airing like a cable channel or access its non-aired archive footage for catch-up or for viewing a la Netflix.

  • Original Programs: If you want to watch critically acclaimed original series like Belgravia, War of the Worlds, Chapelwaite, and the Godfather of Harlem, you can only watch it on Xfinity with Epix included (especially if you’re a cord-cutter with no cable services currently).
  • Premium Content: Epix airs premium cable and VOD content. It’s the best of both worlds and gives it the edge against streaming services that mostly air content on a per-binge or on-demand basis rather than a traditional timeslot like with classic TV.
  • Headquartered in New York: Epix’s company—Studio 3 Partners, LLC.—is headquartered in New York City. It works mostly as a network producing original content and airing movies from the significantly large archives of its three partners—Lions Gate, MGM, and Paramount.
  • Breaking the Netflix Monopoly: As the different studios and entertainment companies realized the profit potential of streaming with Netflix serving as its proof of concept, they started removing their content from Netflix and making their own streaming services.
  • The Three Partners: Lions Gate, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer, and Paramount Pictures (under the Viacom umbrella) partnered together to make a premium TV channel in Epix first and foremost. It’s less Netflix and more HBO when it launched in 2009.
  • A Network First and Foremost: Like Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network for cable, the Epix premium cable channel mostly aired past and present movies from the three partners then took a stab at making their original content to make themselves stand out.
  • A Network with a VOD: However, Epix came about in the 2000s rather than the 1980s and 1990s, so it had to work with a changing digital content landscape and a rising demand for viewable content online. Hence why Epix now has an app that serves as a VOD service.
  • What is VOD? VOD refers to video-on-demand. Compared to cable channels where you have to catch Epix’s hit shows such as Berlin Station and Graves as well as theatrically released movies from MGM and Paramount, you can watch the same content whenever you want.
  • Free Epix Streams vs. Paid VOD: You can avail of live streams of the Epix channel or network on services like or PS Vue. Its comedy specials, documentaries, serials, and music specials air on timeslots there. The $5.99 monthly VOD makes them available Netflix-style.

The Final Words

You can get Epix on, but only as an additional channel you’ll have to pay extra in order to get. It costs $5.99 per month to get the VOD or Netflix-like version of Epix. Otherwise, you’ll have to depend on channel streams from or PlayStation Vue in order to view the Epix channel.

The Epix channel and the Epix VOD service differ in that the channel works more like a cable channel with time slots for every program or movie, while the VOD allows you access to every piece of content for viewing whenever you want to.


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