Is Epix Free on Hulu

Is Epix Free on Hulu? Or Is It Not?

Can you get the free version of Hulu in order to view Epix for free? Or do you need a Hulu subscription then upgrade to the Epix channel to view film and TV content from MGM, Lionsgate, Paramount, and Viacom?

Epix in cable TV terms is three multiplex channels in one depending on the carriage of its services. It’s a joint venture by Lions Gate, MGM, and Paramount Pictures to air original channel-exclusive content from their production companies on top of the decades of films they’ve made through the years.

In light of it being a cable channel in most traditional multi-channel video programming distributors (cable TV or satellite TV) as well as a VOD archive and catch-up service online, is epix free on hulu or not?

Is Epix Free on Hulu?

All the way back to 2015, Hulu struck a deal with Epix. All movies streamed on Hulu for subscribers are done so with no commercial breaks. In turn, Epix content on Hulu will also be streamed commercial-free and uncut for Hulu subscribers as well, so technically you’re getting Epix for free.

Epix is part of the Hulu subscription package or model as opposed to Amazon Prime or Roku, where you have to add it as an additional or add-on channel. The premium network of Epix promises to deliver commercial-free, unedited, and uncut content as far as Hulu is concerned.

Is Epix Free on Hulu
Is Epix Free on Hulu

An Exclusive Hulu Deal Not Seen Anywhere Else

As soon as Netflix made the announcement that it won’t renew its Epix deal, Epix and Hulu made a deal of their own. Their multi-year digital distribution VOD pact allows Hulu to stream Epix content or films from Lionsgate, Paramount, and MGM since October 1, 2015.

It’s an exclusive deal that isn’t offered to Prime Video subscribers or Roku and Chromecast platforms. It’s either you get the Epix app and subscribe or add the app to Amazon Prime and Roku through their add channel feature then subscribe.

What is Epix All About?

Epix wasn’t launched as a VOD platform like Netflix or Hulu. It was instead a premium channel or network cut from the same cloth as HBO and MTV. Epix then made the recent episodes of its original programming as well as archives of MGM/Paramount/LionsGate content available by VOD.

It’s like Epix is HBO/NBC while Epix’s VOD service is its HBO Max/Peacock. You can still avail of the Epix package as a premium channel on cable or satellite TV services, in fact.

The Epic History of Epix

Led by Michael Wright, Epix was launched in the U.S.A. back in October 2009. It’s a recent service in cable terms but it’s an old-timer as far as streaming and VOD is concerned. Netflix is older but Netflix started off as a DVD delivery system with VOD added later on.

Both Hulu and Epix officials confirm the Epix and Hulu agreement where any Hulu subscriber can avail of Epix content for free or as part of their Hulu subscription. This means they won’t have to deal with cuts, censorship, or commercial breaks.

The Epic Programming Lineup of Epix

Since Wright joined the network back in November 2017, Epix has gotten many new series in its lineup, which includes Deep State, Perpetual Grace LTD (starring Jimmi Simpson and Ben Kingsley), Godfather of Harlem (starring Forest Whitaker), and Pennyworth (involving Bruce Wayne’s butler Alfred).

They also got the return of The Contender (which involves boxers fighting in a reality show tournament to gain prize money and notoriety) and Unprotected Sets (an unscripted series with Wanda Sykes as its Executive Producer).

The Details Behind the Epix and Hulu Agreement

A significant expansion came about with the Epix and Hulu agreement as far as their reach and film offerings are concerned. Before 2015, Netflix was partially buoyed by the offerings of Epix and what would eventually become HBO Max.

  • Loads of Deals: With Netflix ending its agreement with Epix, Hulu soon swooped in and bought Epix up along with IFC Films care of an AMC Networks deal. This new bundle deal ties up with the new OTT offering of Showtime.
  • A Landmark Deal: Hulu used to be a service people use in order to watch Family Guy reruns while serving as an ad-supported free platform like YouTube that can turn into a premium ad-free VOD service like Netflix with a subscription. Now, it can also expand its offerings with Epix.
  • A Huge Archive: Hulu might not be as big as Netflix and Prime Video but it does give them a run for their money. Epix allows it to at least provide viewers with an archive of MGM, Paramount Pictures, and LionsGate films along with original TV programming.
  • Multiple Partnerships: Hulu is co-owned by 21st Century Fox, Walt Disney Co., and NBC-Universal (by Comcast). Epix is a joint venture of Viacom, its Paramount Pictures division, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, and LionsGate.
  • More Recent Movies: Hulu is also offering more recent big movies that used to be shown on Netflix but now have found their home through Epix, such as Sonic the Hedgehog, War of the Worlds, Cabin in the Woods, Get Shorty, The Domestics, and so forth.
  • Biggest Blockbusters and Premium Films: Craig Erwich, the SVP and Head of Content at Hulu back in 2015, claims that through their deal with Epix they’ve listened to their customers and provided them with more films and movies like Netflix used to before 2015.
  • TV Programming and Film Archive: Hulu and Epix provides a huge archive of films made for many decades (and many decades to come since MGM, LionsGate, and Paramount continue to make new films to this day) on top of the biggest titles in TV programming.
  • Programming Like What? The Epix deal with Hulu provides the platform with access to epic titles such as The SpongeBob Movie: Sponge Out of Water, Top Five, Selma, Interstellar, Mission Impossible: Rogue Nation, and Mockingjay Part 1 and 2.

Final Words

Epix was supposed to be cut from the same cloth as HBO, Cartoon Network, MTV, and Nickelodeon—a specific channel that delivers old and new content from MGM, Paramount Pictures, and LionsGate—but it also needed to adapt to the times in light of the surge of Netflix’s popularity.

Therefore, its VOD service was made available for free to Hulu subscribers as part of the package deal. All content delivered to Hulu by Epix are commercial-free, uncut, and uncensored. It beats having to guess time slots and airing dates on the Epix Network for sure.


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