Is Epix Free on FireStick?

Is Epix a free channel on Amazon Fire TV Stick or not? Well, it’s available. However, it’s hardly free and it’s not part of a package deal. You can get it as an additional channel or service incorporated into Amazon Prime for a nominal fee.

Epix, ePix, or EPIX is owned by Epix Entertainment LLC. It’s a premium cable and satellite television network. It also has a video-on-demand version a la Netflix you can avail of in order to view their content whenever you want it for the sake of binging or gradual viewing of episodes.

Epix LLC. Is also a subsidiary of Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM). This means you can avail of quality MGM content through this channel and/or VOD service. At any rate, is epix free on firestick or not?

Is Epix Free on FireStick?

According to Amazon Prime—and by extension streaming devices associated with it like Amazon Fire TV Stick or FireStick—Epix is available as a video channel for Prime Video. This came about 6 months after it was launched as a channel on Roku too.

You can add Epix as a channel but not for free. You need to pay $5.99 for it. It’s not just Roku that has separate Netflix channel that still requires a subscription to Netflix in order to work. Amazon Prime also requires you to pay a separate $5.99 from the usual fee you pay for Prime itself.

It’s not free on FireStick. You need a separate subscription from the service provider in order to watch its content, like in the case of incorporating Netflix on your FireStick as well. Downloading the Epix app is free but the service itself isn’t.

Is Epix Free on FireStick?
Is Epix Free on FireStick?

What Does Epix Bring to the Table?

MGM’s subsidiary Epix LLC created the Epix network as a premium cable and satellite TV network. Like Fox or HBO. It’s not necessarily a VOD but it has a VOD service featuring content from that network. This is what makes it relevant as a channel on Roku and Amazon Prime.

The programming available on Epix (the network) includes of older and recent theatrically released movies, original TV series, documentaries, and comedy or music specials. People waited for a long time, but Epix has made their content available in VOD format to Amazon Fire TV devices.

This includes the Amazon Fire TV Stick and other players. You can download the free Epix app from the Amazon Fire TV Store without any charge. However, that’s the only thing that’s free about this service. You have to pay for the subscription itself ($5.99 per month).

What’s So Epic About Epix (the VOD App)?

Epix delivers MGM content in TV programming and movies. People have no idea what this entails but it covers a huge chunk or library of content comparable to the likes of Netflix, HBO Max, and Peacock, but maybe not Disney+ (which also owns its own library, Star Wars, and Marvel under one umbrella).

To be more specific, Epix offers blockbuster movies such as Daddy’s Home, Teenage Mutant Turtles: Out of the Shadows, and Star Trek Beyond. It also offers original fare such as Florence Foster Jenkins, Graves, and Berlin Station (just to name a few).

To avail of Epix for Amazon, just search for it on Amazon’s Fire TV Apps & Channels section. Ditto with Roku and its Roku Channel Store. You can get it from the home screen of your Fire TV device supporting HDTVs or smart devices such as phones and tablets.

Do You Need Amazon Prime to Get Epix?

No. You can use the Epix app instead on any smart device, which you can download on the Internet for free. The subscription itself warrants a fee of $5.99 per month though. It’s generally available on all major streaming platforms like Sling TV, Chromecast, Roku, and Apple TV as well as the FireStick.

Meanwhile, Epix the network is available in over 50 million homes in the U.S. It’s a huge library of content that YouTubers who’ve ever gotten a copyright strike could attest, since it’s a joint venture of MGM, Lionsgate, Paramount Pictures, and Viacom Inc.

What’s the Advantage of Getting Epix on Amazon FireStick?

You can have minor advantages in using media players like Amazon Fire TV Stick and the Roku Stick/Stick+/TV instead of the Epix app in order to view MGM/Paramount content.

  • Get Over Slow Internet: If your HDTV has to deal with slower Internet from your home ISP, you can use Roku TV or the Amazon Prime via the FireStick in order to get a smoother signal under that platform. Prime Video and Roku offers a smoother experience on slow connections.
  • Limit the Amount of Subs: Yes, you still have to pay extra for Epix (like with BritBox) even though you have an Amazon Prime Video or Prime membership already. However, your subs or apps to keep track of are limited to one or two bills instead of multiple.
  • Single-Site Loading: Instead of opening apps for BritBox, Acorn TV, Epix, and so forth on your smart TV, you can load them all on Roku TV/stick or Amazon Fire TV Stick. Instead of juggling 10 different things, just load a new channel on your Amazon Prime subscription!
  • VOD as the New Cable: More and more people are cutting their cords in favor of watching everything online. However, instead of pirating content, they can now get legal streaming service with every piece of content under the sun, including Amazon Prime with Epix.
  • MGM, Paramount, and More: With Epix, you can watch original programming like the Godfather of Harlem, Chapelwaite, Pennyworth, From, Billy the Kid, Perpetual Grace LTD, and Berlin Station as well as A Quiet Place, Snake Eyes, Scream, and so forth.

What to Expect from Epix

You get to watch hit movies, TV shows, and more that used to be in Netflix but have now gone to a separate streaming service specifically offering MGM, Paramount, and Viacom content. Epix the channel or network also has original programming to spare.

This is on top of comedy specials, music specials, documentaries, and archives of MGM and Paramount motion pictures. Launched back in October 2009, the network has made the leap to VOD and it’s giving the likes of Netflix and HBO Max a run for their streaming money.

The Final Judgment

Some entertainment or TV content companies might not have their own marketing channel distribution, and payment collection handy. This is why they have arrangements with Prime Video, Roku, and Netflix to distribute content.

Epix is on the same boat although it has its own app for content distribution a la BritBox, Acorn TV, and a host of other standalone formats. It just depends on Prime and Roku more because it’s not as big a streaming service as HBO Max and Peacock.


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