Is Acorn TV Free with Amazon Prime or Is It Separate?

Acorn TV or BritBox can be availed of via Amazon Prime Video. It gives you access to all sorts of quality Acorn TV shows viewable through Amazon instead of the Acorn TV app. With that said, is Acorn TV free with Prime Video or not?

Are you a big fan of Brit TV? Do you wish to view British videos, TV shows, and movies for a change instead of the usual Hollywood or L.A. productions? You should avail of BritBox or Acorn TV on the Acorn TV app or Amazon prime Video.

Is Acorn TV Free with Amazon Prime?

No. Many companies make their subscription content available on Amazon but BritBox isn’t one of them. Acorn TV is a separate company from Amazon and Amazon doesn’t pay for Acorn in order to make it part of their basic package. Therefore, you have to pay extra to get Acorn TV on Prime Video.

As a separate company, Acorn TV or BritBox offers its own separate subscription fees outside of the Prime Video package you’ve availed of by getting an Amazon Prime account.

Is Acorn TV Available with Amazon Prime?

Yes, it is. If you add an extra fee to your Amazon Prime Video, you can get access to great British shows available on Acorn TV. It comes with the bonus that you’ve probably never seen these shows from across the pond and you can watch them on your phone, tablet, PC, or TV.

Anything with the ability to use an app or a browser, you can view the Acorn TV as long as you pay for the subscription fee. Just go to the Amazon website and order the option with Acorn TV included.

Is Acorn TV Free with Amazon Prime
Is Acorn TV Free with Amazon Prime

Should You Just Get Acorn TV or BritBox?

The Acorn TV app works well for those who have Smart TVs made by Samsung and the like that don’t offer the service by default. The Prime Video package with Acorn TV is another avenue in getting Acorn TV in your airwaves, flatscreen TV, PC, or mobile devices.

You’ll get to see new things and appreciate the dark or sarcastic British humor or the intelligent dramas they offer compared to the kitsch of Hollywood productions. Acorn’s partnership with Amazon Prime allows you a subscription without plugging an additional device to your TV.

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How Do You Pay for Acorn TV on Amazon Prime?

How do you pay for Acorn TV or BritBox on Prime Video exactly? This part confuses quite a lot of people. It’s not like the days of UHF where you only need an antenna or a booster to get signals from across the pond or to access BBC America.

If you have a Prime Video subscription from Amazon, you can get access to a large library of supposedly free TV and film content. However, Acorn TV isn’t one of those channels or services.

Why Should You Pay for Acorn TV on Prime Video?

Acorn TV offers A Suitable Boy, The South Westerlies, Mystery Road, Finding Joy, Dead Still, Agatha Raisin, No Offence, The Other One, Ms. Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries, The Detectorists, Queens of Mystery, Dalgliesh, Deadwater Fell, Delicious, Keeping Faith, and so forth.

Acorn TV isn’t included for the standard price of Amazon Prime. However, buying it for extra is a worthwhile endeavor in light of the rich tapestry of entertainment options offered to you that’s not the usual American gross-out comedy or children’s superhero movie.

Separate Companies with Subscriptions Available on Prime

You can avail of Acorn TV, BritBox (BBC’s answer to Netflix), and other streaming extras by checking out the right Amazon Prime membership levels. The higher the level the more content will be made available to you.

It’s like the difference between the basic cable package or the ones involving premium channels. Many companies make their content available to Prime Video so that it could compete with Netflix, but they’re all separate companies with an agreement nonetheless.

It’s like Warner Bros. allowing Friends to be streamed on Netflix, only for them to take Friends back in order to stream it on their own platform, HBO Max.

It Also Depends on the Region and Availability

In some places, you can still stream Friends on Netflix, particularly the places where there’s no HBO Max. Ditto when it comes to the WWE Network being available internationally even though stateside, WWE content is exclusively distributed by NBC-Universal’s Peacock platform.

In other words, even if the Acorn TV app isn’t available in your region you could possibly get it through Amazon instead.

It’s No Big Deal If You Have a Prime Video Account

If you already have a Prime Video account, it’s no big deal to shift payment plans with Amazon in order to get Acorn TV or BritBox available for you. Because it’s not for free and you have to pay extra for the additional content, try out a free trial for them.

Consider whether the additional programs are to your taste or whether or not you’d rather stick with the basic package and get another season of The Boys instead. It’s all dependent on your personal preferences.

You can also avail of Acorn TV as a standalone service in case you don’t wish Amazon to get involved. It’s also available on Roku, by the way.

The Annual Fee is Not Insignificant

You’ve been warned that even though Prime Video offers extra content that includes many British shows from Acorn TV or BritBox, the annual fee isn’t insignificant. Don’t avail of it unless you view it as worthwhile and you want a whole deluge of content from across the pond.

  • Prim Video Membership: Prime Video and Amazon Prime membership are different. The Amazon Prime Video membership is much cheaper. You’ll get actual “free” Prime Video streaming on top additional channels like Sundance, CBS, Smithsonian, BritBox, and Acorn TV.
  • Amazon Prime Membership: You need to pay a significantly bigger amount for the Amazon Prime membership (not to be confused with Prime Video). It gives you additional benefits like free 1-day or 2-day shipping, music, cloud photo storage, Whole Foods discount, and so forth.

Long story short, prime video membership only covers the perks of being a Prime Video subscriber while an Amazon Prime membership offers everything available on Amazon, from online shopping to shipping and a Whole Foods partnership.

What Else Can Be Said?

When all is said and done, Acorn TV isn’t free with Prime Video. However, dependent on your circumstances, you can find it worthwhile to subscribe to Acorn TV through Amazon so that you can get Prime Video and Acorn TV (or BritBox) in one subscription by paying extra.

If you’re unsure about doing this, remember that Prime Video and Acorn TV both provide a free trial period to allow you to check things out. You can always test them out and discontinue the subscription if you don’t want them any more.


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