Is Acorn TV Free on Roku? If Not Then How Much to Get It?

Is Acorn TV a free channel on the Roku media player? No, it’s not like with YouTube. You have to specifically order or add Acorn TV as an additional subscription to your Roku channels in order to get it. More on this below.

According to NPR, Acorn TV is the “Netflix for the Anglophile” or “Netflix for Brits”. It offers shows from across the pond in Britain or the U.K. It’s enjoyed by Americans, Canadians, New Zealanders, and Australians as well as the Brits.

So is acorn tv free on Roku? Keep on reading to find out and to also learn how to get Acorn TV on Roku for good measure. Acorn offers you the best that the BBC or U.K. programming has to offer!

Is Acorn TV Free on Roku?

No. However, it is available.  Just subscribe to it online through a link at or search for it on Google. It’s easy to find and it’s one of the top options there. You can also avail of it by getting a better Roku plan like in the case of a better Amazon Prime Video plan.

National Public Radio (NPR) claims Acorn TV as the Anglophile Netflix, but what does that mean? It means instead of watching Hollywood productions, you’ll see Anglo programming from across the pond. The best British TV has to offer!

Remember to cancel before the trial ends to avoid charges or pay the initial charge then cancel. The subscription to Acorn TV for Roku auto-renews monthly in a prepaid basis of $5.99 per month. The changes could not be refunded.

Is Acorn TV Free on Roku
Is Acorn TV Free on Roku

Why Should You Avail of Acorn TV on Roku?

You should avail yourself of Acorn TV because it offers multiple series. You’ll get commercial-free subscription-based documentaries, comedies, dramas, mysteries, award winners, and more. Bring home the excitement of something different at last!

This includes Keeping Faith, Delicious, Deadwater Fell, Dalgliesh, Queens of Mystery, The Detectorists, The Other One, No Offence, Agatha Raisin, Dead Still, Finding Joy, A Suitable Boy, The South Westerlies, Mystery Road, Ms. Fisher’s Modern Murder Mysteries, and so forth.

Again, the $5.99 per month auto-renews until you cancel, and the charges cannot be refunded. Go to this link or the page for Acorn TV to learn more about the full terms. You can also keep on reading below.

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The Benefits of Acorn TV on Roku

If you’re sick of Family Guy or Family Guy style adult cartoons, superhero TV shows, superhero movies, police or law procedurals, reruns of Friends or Seinfeld, and the hack formulas you regularly find on any Hollywood production then give Acorn TV a try.

With that in mind, should you buy Acorn TV on Roku or directly from Acorn? Why would you need to go to Roku or Amazon Prime Video, for that matter? While not all users will benefit from Acorn TV on Roku, there are several cases where it’s for the best.

  • Slow Internet: If your ISP is slow you can get smoother streaming with services like Roku media players connected to your HDTV or an outright Roku TV that maximizes your online connection to give you a smooth signal result afterwards. No guarantees, but it does happen.
  • Limit Subscriptions: Like most people, you probably wish to limit the amount of places or services where your credit card is entered. It’s especially worrying how many people with more subscriptions are likelier to have their credit card details hacked in one way or another.
  • The Brit TV Subscription Chain: If you subscribe to Acorn TV, BritBox, and a few others you can setup all these accounts on your Roku TV instead of separately with separate credit card info every time. The same could be said of Prime Video offering all those and PBS Masterpiece.
  • Single-Site Loading: Aside from avoiding the busywork of subscribing to 10 different things, you can enjoy the security of a single site or service—in this case, the Roku Channel—setting up your Acorn TV or BritBox account in a single place.

The Terms and Conditions for an Acorn TV Subscription

The Roku Channel exclusively offers the subscription for Acorn TV for $5.99 per month. The recurring subscription is also considered prepaid and will auto renew until cancellation.

Otherwise, if you don’t have Roku or wish to pay your Roku subscription and Acorn TV subscription separately, you can also avail of the Acorn TV app (like the BritBox app) for your smart TV, smartphone, or tablet. To wit:

  • Free Trial: If you have a free trial subscription to Acorn TV, you should cancel before the trial period ends to avoid getting charged.
  • Promo Price: If the sub comes with a promo or introductory price, the renewal will have a regular price instead until you cancel.
  • Subject to Change: Promo offers are subject to change or get canceled outright by Roku and/or Acorn TV without any prior notice and at any time. Void wherever it’s prohibited as well.
  • Subscription Cancellation: Content access will continue until the subscription term ends whenever you cancel a subscription. However, it won’t automatically renew. You’ll have to manually renew or get a new sub.
  • No Refunds: If you cancel your Acorn TV subscription for partial term you won’t be given a refund for it. The only way you won’t get charged is to cancel a free trial before the trial ends.
  • PPV and On-Demand Purchases: Purchases of pay-per-view and on-demand content are non-refundable and non-cancelable. You might as well watch them since you’ve ordered them.
  • Valid Payment: For all purchases, you’ll need to issue a valid payment method. A temporary authorization hold might come about from the payment method. Promo offers may only be available to only new subscribers.
  • Exclusive Content: Certain content from Acorn TV might be only viewable in certain geographical locations, only on Roku devices, or within the Roku Channel itself.

What You Need to Find Out

The companies that have arrangements with Roku, Netflix, or Prime Video by Amazon may or may not have their own payment collection, distribution, and marketing channel. They can share monthly subscription fees in accordance with the payment plan you’ve chosen from Amazon.

At any rate, if you want British TV via Acorn TV or BritBox unto your Roku then you should order for the channel or service as part of your Roku package or as a standalone extra.


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