How to watch Netflix on TV

How to watch Netflix on TV and other Devices ?

Do you want to know How to watch Netflix on TV and other Devices? Here’s the deal. You need either a smart TV or a streaming device from Roku or the Amazon Fire TV Stick. Aside from that, learn more about how to view Netflix on the different devices below.

How to watch Netflix on a Smart TV?

On most smart TVs like Samsung Smart TV, you can access an app store or the main menu and get Netflix. If it’s not already downloaded there you can access the Apple App Store or Google Play to download it.

After getting the app, sign in. You better have a Netflix subscription in order to get a Netflix account with a registered email and password. Then you can select TV shows or movies to watch to your heart’s content.

How to watch Netflix on a Non-Smart TV? (Regular TV, Old TV)

Use a streaming device like the Roku brand of media players and sticks or the Amazon Fire TV Stick in order to avail of the Netflix app. They work like DVD or Blu-Ray Players you can connect to your TV and control via remote or smartphone to access your Netflix account.

How to watch Netflix on an Apple TV?

For Apple TV 2 and 3, you can access Netflix from the main Apple TV menu as part of the package. Just sign in to enjoy. For Apple TV 4 to 6 (with 5th and 6th generations offering 4K Ultra HD resolution), you need to download the Netflix app on the App Store before signing in with your account details.

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How to watch Netflix on a Fire TV?

To use Amazon Fire TV to watch Netflix, make sure you’re on its home screen first. Afterwards, select “Search” then type “Netflix”. When Netflix comes up, select that then select “Free” or “Download”.  Sign in on the downloaded Netflix app with your account and you’re good to go.

How to watch Netflix on Android TV?

You can download on your Android TV the Netflix app then sign in with your account details to connect the device to your Netflix account like with Amazon Fire TV. You can also use your Android phone to broadcast Netflix onto your smart TV using the Chromecast Built-In (formerly Google Cast).

How to watch Netflix on Laptop?

Just bookmark on your browser and visit the site to login with your subscription credentials from there. Windows 8 or later PCs can download the Windows Netflix app. If you’re using ChromeOS, you can instead download the app from Google Play.

How to watch Netflix on Macbook?

To watch Netflix on your Macbook, do the same thing. Visit then sign-in with your paid-for account credentials (email and password). The Netflix website works on any browser of note—Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Opera, or Safari.

You can search for titles, browse movie or TV posters, and binge-watch originals like Cobra Kai and so forth at your own leisure.

How to watch Netflix on Chromebook?

It was mentioned earlier that Chromebook PCs running on ChromeOS instead of Windows or Mac OS can browse Netflix through web browsers (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, or Opera) or through downloading the app that’s available from the Google Play Store.

How to watch Netflix on a PlayStation (PS4, PS5)

In both cases, you need to be signed in to your PSN account to access the TV & Video section.

If you wish to watch Netflix on a Sony PlayStation 4, download Netflix on the PlayStation Store if it’s not available on your TV & Video section. Launch the PS Store, select “Apps”, “Movies/TV”, and “Netflix”. Afterwards, just sign in.

If you wish to watch Netflix on the PS5, go to the home screen until you reach the “Media” section. Select “All Apps”, “Video and Music apps” and then the “Netflix” icon. Select “Download” then sign in to Netflix once it’s downloaded.

How to watch Netflix on Xbox One?

On your Xbox One’s home screen, scroll to “Store” then on the apps section, select “Netflix” and then choose “Install”. After the app has been downloaded, simply sign-in to Netflix with your account credentials to connect your account to the Xbox One.

How to watch Netflix on Xbox 360?

To download the Netflix app for your Xbox 360, sign up to your Xbox Live Accont then go to your Xbox 360 Dashboard and select “Apps”. Afterwards, you should see the “Netflix” tile on there. Select it to download the app. Sign in once the app is downloaded.

You can even set up your Netflix membership if you’re not a member of Netflix on your Xbox 360 as well.

How to watch Netflix on Wii?

To watch Netflix on the Nintendo Wii, you need to go to the Wii Shop Channel, select “Start”, select “Start Shopping”, select the Wii Channel Menu, select the “Netflix” option, select “Free”, and then choose where to store the Wii Channel (either the Wii System Memory or an SD Card).

Afterwards, open Netflix and login like you would in any other device.

How to watch Netflix on Switch?

This time around, you need to select the E-Shop icon on the Switch home screen. Access the on-screen keyboard by choosing the box next to the search bar after the E-Shop Store is opened. Type on the search box “Netflix” then click “OK”.

Choose and download the Netflix app from the search results, open the app up, and then login.

How to watch Netflix on a Roku?

Most Roku media players include the Netflix app with their operating system, so just find the app and login once it’s launched. Just go to the “Home” screen, navigate to “Home” and select “Netflix”.

If there’s no Netflix app, download it from the “Channel Store”. Go to “Movies & TV”, select “Netflix”, then select “Add to Channel”, and finally go to that channel to login.

How to watch Netflix on a Chromecast?

Plug in the Chromecast device to your TV, download the Google Home app, connect your mobile device to the same Wi-FI network as your Chromecast, and open the Google Home app to setup the device.

Afterwards, after signing in to Netflix, select the “Cast” icon on your screen, select Chromecast on the list of available devices, then watch Netflix on your TV.

How to watch Netflix on a FireStick?

It’s the same procedure as the Amazon Fire TV section. You also need to go to Search, type “Netflix”, select “Netflix”, select “Free” or “Download”, then launch the application to login and watch its shows or films.

How to watch Netflix on Echo Show?

On the device’s screen, go swipe to the right edge to access the shortcuts drawer. From there, tap “Video”. Afterwards, choose “Netflix” on the list of video services available for the Echo Show. You can now enter your account credentials and login to your Netflix account with ease.

How to watch Netflix on iPhone/iPad?

The long and short of it? Open the App Store, download Netflix, and then login or sign in. To find Netflix in the App Store, select “Search”, type “Netflix” on the search bar, select the Netflix search result, select the “Get” option or tap the “Cloud” icon, and then download.

How to watch Netflix on a Projector?

Get a smart projector. Select on the projector’s menu screen “Netflix”, and login. Some projectors come preloaded with streaming apps like Netflix, Prime Video, and HBO Max.

You can also use Roku or Amazon Fire TV streaming sticks or wireless HDMI to stream Netflix to your projector. You can even project Netflix from your laptop.

How to watch Netflix on Apple Watch?

Feel like you’re Dick Tracy by watching Netflix on your Apple Watch! The Netflix app isn’t available on the Apple Watch itself, but you can set your iPhone camera over to an Apple TV or MacBook then use its viewfinder to watch using the OS Camera App.

How to watch Netflix on DirecTV?

On your DirecTV remote, press the “Home” button. From there, go to the “Apps” section of the DirecTV home screen’s main menu. Find and select “Netflix” among the options then press “OK”. Once you’ve launched the Netflix app, all you need to do is log in.

How to watch Netflix on Xfinity?

Press the “Xfinity” button on your remote to connect to Xfinity’s “Apps” menu. Scroll and select “Apps” or “Networks”. You should be able to find the Netflix app here. Once you do, press “OK”. Once you’ve opened the app, just put in your credentials to start watching the latest movies or episodes.

How to watch Netflix on TV without Internet?

To watch Netflix offline, download what you want to watch from the app ahead of time and then connect your smartphone to your TV with an HDMI cable or streamcasting. Take note that the downloading of videos option for Netflix might not be available for all mobile devices.

Downloaded videos are easier to streamcast or mirrorcast to a non-smart HDMI TV because it bypasses HDMI copyright blockage (HD Copyright Protection or HDCP) from the Netflix app since you’re watching “local” downloaded video.

How to watch Netflix on TV from iPhone?

You can use Chromecast to “mirror” your Netflix iPhone screen to a compatible non-smart TV, monitor, or projector. Direct HDMI-to-DVI/USB-C converter mirrorcasting from iPhone to TV can result in HDCP-based blockage though.

You can bypass this by using the Apple TV as the middleman between TV and phone or downloading then watching the Netflix videos later.


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