How to watch Apple TV on PS5

How to watch Apple TV on PS5?

Playstation is one of the most favorite devices for gaming players all around the world. Based on the users’ experiences with other versions, Sony has upgraded this line of consoles a lot, then released the PS 5 last year.

About Apple TV, this streaming platform is now accessible on different types of electronic devices. But how about the latest version of Playstation? Is it possible for you to connect your Apple TV to PS5?

How to watch Apple TV on PS5?

Sony has offered their customers to connect with Apple TV and even Apple TV Plus on their PS5 games consoles. Therefore, it is a great chance for players to take advantage of a large number of services available on these.

Although Apple TV now offers customers both Dolby Vision HDR and HDR10, Sony only applies HR10 on their Playstation 5. For Dolby Vision, it is expected to be included in this type of console soon. Thus, customers can get even better experiences with their products. Here are the details about the connection of Apple TV on PS5:

How to use Apple TV on PS5?

It is a simple process for you to download the Apple TV on PS5. You should follow these steps as belows:

  • Step 1: Open the Home screen on your PS5
  • Step 2: Select the Media option, then click on All Apps
  • Step 3: Search for Apple TV on your device, then select the Download button to install the Apple TV
  • Step 4: Select the Sign-up or Login option in order to activate your Apple TV

In case you want to use Apple TV Plus, you might adhere to the same instructions to install your Apple TV Plus. For Apple TV Plus, it would take you a higher monthly fee to maintain your services in use. Apple TV Plus also supports a third-party connection so that you can enjoy your movies or shows on other compatible devices.

Like Apple TV originals, you should prepare an Apple ID previously so as to activate this streaming channel quickly. Then you will have a chance to connect with a larger number of movies or TV shows at a higher level of quality.

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The Playstation 5

Compared to PS4, this PS5 uses more updated functions as well as technologies. Specifically, the PS5 has a faster speed to load the games than that of PS4. With some common games, you can see the differences between these two devices clearly. Besides, it contains a larger storage space compared to other game consoles so as to display any game which takes up a lot of data.

The PS5 also supports up to 8K resolution in order for customers to enjoy the brighter and more detailed pictures. Together with the higher quality of the image, you will be able to get the impressive audio feature with 3D audio technology.

Furthermore, this console offers you a USB-C port and Ethernet port so that you might connect with other devices easily and quickly. And the attractive design is also one of the advantages of PS5. Even though it gives you a lot of outstanding hardware features, PS5 still consumes a suitable space in your house.

 PlayStation 5
PlayStation 5

Some highly recommended TVs for PS5

  • LG OLED C1 TV: This LG TV brings a better quality of pictures to customers through a 4K processor and OLED display. These two technologies will be able to adjust the features so that you can see an impressive and natural view. Besides, LG includes a game optimizer in their smart TV. It does mean that you can get easy access to any games with faster gaming speed and less lag. Like other latest LG smart TV models, it also has a virtual assistant function for your voice control.
  • Sony X90J: The most impressive feature of this Sony TV is that it offers you a cognitive XR processor as well as a full array of LED technology. Therefore, your image on the screen will look like nature and will be stunning as well. Thanks to BRAVIA core, you can get natural feelings like you are watching your films at the movie theatre. In addition, it is simple for you to change your TV into a Game mode so as to make use of any game console like PS5.
  • Vizio M-series Quantum TV: By using the newest version of Quantum Color technology, this Vizio TV can give more detailed and accurate colors than 4K TVs. If you are looking for a value-for-money TV with the best quality of images, this TV will be a good choice you should consider. Besides these afore-mentioned technologies, there are many updated features which are available on this TV. Therefore, you might watch any program you want completely without any interruption of low speed or lag.

These are some smart TV models which are widely common among different users in recent years. It still has a huge number of options for you to choose from depending on your own preferences and budgets.

Final thoughts

Apple TV originals and Apple TV Plus are now accessible on the Playstation 5 from the Sony brand. These streaming platforms will create an opportunity for you to connect your game consoles with the third device as well. Therefore, you can even optimize your experiences so as to achieve a higher level of satisfaction.

To open  Apple TV on your PS5, you can find or install the Apple TV from your Playstation store. Then you just need to activate your Apple TV or Apple TV Plus with an Apple ID or create a new one if you do not have it yet.

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