How to use Netflix on TV

How to use Netflix on TV (Smart TV and Old TV)?

How to use Netflix on TV (Smart TV)?

If you want to know How to use Netflix on TV, just keep on reading the subcategories below to find out the specifics. It depends on the type of TV mostly.

How to get or download Netflix on Smart TV?

As a rule of thumb, most smart TVs either have Netflix preloaded—it’s a highly popular streaming service, after all—or you can download Netflix through their App Store. Once you’ve downloaded Netflix, just open the app and login with your account credentials.

How to install Netflix on a smart TV?

When you find Netflix on your smart TV’s App Store or Add Channel Menu, it usually has the “Download” option available on the Netflix search result, icon, or channel. Just click “Download” or “Add Channel” to install the Netflix app on your smart TV.

To do this:

  • Connect your TV to the internet.
  • Go to your TV’s app store.
  • Search for the Netflix app and download it.
  • Open the app (it might appear on the home screen or a slide-out app panel, depending on your TV) and proceed through the setup process. …
  • Netflix will send you an activation code, so make note of this.

How to activate the Netflix app on a smart TV?

Once again, launching Netflix depends on the TV. Some have a dedicated Netflix button. Others have it available as part of the menu options. Still, others have it located on their channel tab or TV & Movies section. You can also search recently downloaded apps for it if you wish.

How to watch Netflix on smart TV?

If you wish to watch Netflix on a smart TV, it’s the simplest thing to do.

Just download Netflix on its App Store, press the dedicated Netflix button on the remote, look for it on the menu or the app section labeled “TV & Movies”, open the app, login with your email and password, and search for titles from there.

How to update Netflix on smart TV?

From the menu at the top of the screen, highlight and select “Purchased” then select “Netflix”. Select “Update” if an update is available. If not, leave it be.

If no update is available and you’re still getting the “Please update your device. This version is no longer supported by Netflix. 5072” error message then maybe you might need to update your smart TV.

How to use Netflix on Non-Smart TV (regular TV, Old TV)

Non-smart TVs can’t connect to the Internet or download apps. You need to connect and view Netflix using streaming devices instead.

Connecting a Laptop to a TV via HDMI

You can use your TV as a monitor for your laptop to watch Netflix with standard HDMI and HDCP caveats (Netflix turns your screen black when watching shows on your TV unless you finagle with it).

You’ll need to plug an HDMI cable to your TV and your laptop. If your TV and/or laptop lacks an HDMI connection, make one by using an HDMI converter on one end or another. Then use your remote to go to the right HDMI/AV port (HDMI1, HDMI2, AV1, AV2, and so forth).

Connecting a Macbook to a TV via HDMI

To connect a modern MacBook to a TV via HDMI, get a USB-C to HDMI adapter or converter into the USB-C port of the laptop. Otherwise, get a Lightning or Thunderbolt to HDMI adapter depending on the port on the device. Use separate cables for the audio source.

What to Do If You Don’t Have an HDMI Cable?

You should get an HDMI cable for modern TVs since most of them follow the High Definition Media Interface standard. Otherwise, get a converter of some sort and an HDMI cable to connect to mostly HDMI-based Netflix players or streaming devices.

Watch Netflix on Android or iPhone

To watch Netflix on Android or iPhone, go to their respective App Stores, download the Netflix app, and then open the app to sign-in with your account credentials before connecting them to your TV with a cable.

You can also use Chromecast or the Netflix 2nd Screen feature to duplicate the Android/iPhone screen unto your TV.

Streaming Netflix via Media Players

It’s as simple as hooking up your Roku Streaming Stick, Amazon Fire TV Stick, Roku Box with HDMI cable, or your sufficiently advanced Blu-Ray Disc Player with app download features to the HDMI/AV port of your non-smart TV to watch Netflix through them.

They’ll serve as the smart device while your TV with HDMI port or converter serves as the monitor featuring their content.

Stream Netflix via Chromecast

Just connect the Chromecast to your old-timey CRT TV with an HDMI converter and you’re good to go. After signing in on Netflix on your mobile device or PC, select the “Cast” icon on the lower or upper right corner of the screen then select the device with Netflix on to duplicate its screen with.

Streaming Netflix via Apple TV

Get Netflix directly on the Apple TV menu of 2nd and 3rd Gen Apple TVs. For 4th to 6th Gen Apple TV, go to the home screen, select the “App Store”, search for “Netflix” then download the first result or tap on the “Get” command to install the app. Afterwards, sign-in on the downloaded app to watch.

Streaming Netflix via Android TV box

You can use a streaming device like NVIDIA Shield TV in order to play Netflix on models like the 55″ Sony Android TV. You can also download the Netflix APK to make it work on Android TV, but you need to finagle it.

Certain Android TVs make Netflix look amazing, while others limit HD and 4K playback because Netflix itself only allows such playback on “Netflix Certified Devices”.

Streaming Netflix on Your TV via Roku

The home screen of most Roku devicecs should have Netflix there. If it’s not there, go to the “Channel Store”, select “Netflix”, and download or “Add Channel” to get it. Afterwards, sign-in with your credentials after clicking the “Go to Channel” option.

Streaming Netflix on Your TV via Firestick

Go to the Amazon Fire TV Stick’s home screen, select “Search”, and then type “Netflix”. Select either “Download” or “Free” to get the Netflix app. Once you have the app, open it and sign-in to get some Cobra Kai goodness.

Watching Netflix on Your TV via Gaming Consoles (Xbox, PS, Wii, Switch)

Download Netflix on the PlayStation Store for the Sony PlayStation 4 (via “Apps”, “Movies/TV”, and “Netflix”) and the PS5 (via “All Apps”, “Video and Music apps”, and “Netflix”). For the Microsoft Xbox One and Series X/S, you should go to the Microsoft App Store then select “Netflix” for installation.

For the Nintendo Wii, select “Start”, “Start Shopping”, “Wii Channel Menu”, and “Netflix” to get the app. For the Switch, go to the home screen, use the on-screen keyboard, search for “Netflix”, and select “OK” to download the result.

After downloading, launch Netflix and log in with your credentials to use and watch the app.

Related Questions (Answered)

Here are some related questions regarding putting Netflix on your old or new TVs.

How to Get Netflix on Smart TV in Geo-restricted Countries?

You can change your Netflix region from any country through Virtual Private Networks (VPNs). Such an app makes it seem like your virtual location is elsewhere from your physical location, resulting in Netflix’s region lock being bypassed for you wherever you are.

Why is Netflix not working on my smart TV? How to fix!

Relaunch Netflix to see if that fixes things. Go to your settings to see if Netflix is enabled. Or download the Netflix app for your brand of smart TV through their respective app stores.

You can also unplug or turn off your smart TV, restart your modem, and then turn them on both to see if a Wi-FI connection can be established.

How to watch Netflix on TV without the Internet?

Download the videos—episodes or movies—you wish to watch later on your Netflix account while you still have Internet. This service is available on select smart TVs and mobile devices.

If your TV can’t save episodes then save them on your phone then sync the phone to your smart TV to watch those episodes Internet-free.

How to connect Netflix to TV wirelessly?

“Wireless Netflix” might refer to wirelessly connecting your non-smart TV to a wireless Netflix source, because otherwise your smart TV can work “wirelessly” enough by using the Netflix app. You can use a wireless dongle to make this work.

To connect Netflix to a second screen wireless, connect your Netflix device—Roku, Fire TV Stick, or mobile device—to the same Wi-Fi as your smart TV, launch the app on both the device and the TV, then sign in to the same account on both before selecting the “Cast” icon.

How to switch profiles on Netflix on TV?

To switch profiles on Netflix via TV, navigate through the app and find the “Change Profiles” menu. Use your remote control and arrow keys as well as any other selection method you might have.

Profiles are only available on newer smart TVs rather than older TVs from the early 2010s and below or early Roku devices.

How to add a profile on Netflix on TV?

Launch your Netflix app, go to the Manage Profiles page. Select “Add Profile” then name that profile. Select “Kids” to use the “Netflix Kids Experience” (i.e., Parental Controls on your children’s accounts). Select “Continue” or “Save” once you’re done.

How to delete Netflix account on TV?

Open Netflix, go to the “Switch Profiles” section by navigating with your remote control. Go to the profile you wish to delete then select the pencil icon below it. Select the “Delete Profile” command then confirm the deletion.

How to sign out of Netflix on smart TV?

Open the Netflix app, use your remote to open the menu, usually by pressing the “Left” arrow key. Then press the “Down” key to highlight “Get Help” and press “Select” or “Enter”. Now press “Down” to highlight and choose “Sign Out” in order to sign out.

How to change Netflix account on smart TV?

Open the Netflix app with your TV remote the select “Get Help”, “Sign Out”, and “Yes” to confirm. You can now switch accounts on your smart TV after signing out by signing in with different account details.

Some TVs require you to input a long code to get the “Sign Out”, “Start Over”, or “Deactivate” options to sign in with a different account.

How do I know if I have a Smart TV?

First off, most smart TVs aren’t CRT (Cathode-Ray Tube) TVs with 480p/i or 576p/I standard definition resolution. However, not all flatscreen LCD or LED TVs are necessarily smart TVs. They should work like PCs, can connect to the Internet, and download apps to be considered “smart” devices.

What to do if you don’t have Internet?

Unless you’ve downloaded videos on your smart device (TV or mobile hard disk) for later viewing when you had Internet, you can’t use Netflix without Internet. It’s a streaming service for a reason. Find a way to get the Internet back or just watch cable.

Can I watch Netflix on a regular TV?

Yeah. You need either a smart device like a tablet or laptop and a wireless HDMI dongle to mirror their display unto your non-smart TV to watch Netflix, with the caveat that HDCP will block copyrighted content (you’ll only see a blank screen).

Or you can use Roku boxes and sticks or the Fire TV Stick from Amazon to turn your TV into a pseudo-smart device (more like a monitor) that displays Netflix for your perusal.

How to watch TV on an old TV?

It’s the same deal. You need a Roku device like the Roku Box, Roku Media Player, or Roku Streaming Stick as well as Amazon’s Fire TV Stick in order to serve as the smart device proxy that could connect to your Wi-Fi and stream Netflix on your CRT TV.

You only need something extra, like an S-Video-to-HDMI, component-to-HDMI, or AV-to-HDMI converter to allow your HDMI streaming device to interface with your older or vintage television set.

How to watch Netflix on TV without Internet?

To watch Netflix offline, download the videos from Netflix so you can watch them ahead of time when you’re without Internet, like when you’re traveling or camping in the woods and there’s no cell signal and the like. This Netflix feature might not be available for all mobile devices though.


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