How to turn on Firestick without remote

How to turn on Firestick without remote?

Losing Firestick remote control can cause more than just a headache because this device though seems compact but offers great benefits and convenience. However, it is not difficult to get by without it. If unfortunately, your remote is walking around somewhere unknown, do not get frustrated just yet as I will guide you on how to turn on Firestick without a remote.

Let’s get to it!

Users can fully perform all Firestick features without the need for remote control. You are totally fine if you know about Amazon Fire TV App, also called as Fire TV  Programme. This application can be downloaded and used on Android and iOS phones and tablets, which enable you to set up Firestick, connect Firestick to WiFi, and control the Firestick TV devices without a remote. Therefore, instead of wasting time looking for the remote, read on to find out what you need to do.

This one is especially for those with forgetful minds

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Installation steps for Firestick without using the remote control

  • Step 1: On your phone, download the Amazon Fire TV application (On Google Play, On Apple Store). Users can download this application via app stores on their smartphone or tablet.

You go to your device’s app store, either Google Play or Apple App Store, and find the “Amazon Fire TV” or “Fire TV  Programme” app, however, you need to remember to look for the app developer Amazon Mobile LLC. And you should watch out for some scrams fake apps.

Fire TV Programme
Fire TV Programme
  • Step 2: After finding the right application, select Download/Get to download it and the application will be automatically installed on your device.
  • Step 3: Once the app has been installed, launch and go to the app’s start screen. You should see your Fire TV Stick device name appear at the bottom of the screen. Please select the name of your device to control the Firestick remotely.

Note: if you don’t see the FireTV Stick here, double-check that your FireStick device and your phone are connected to the same wifi network. Using the same wifi network connection is required to make it work.

  • Step 4: Once you have selected your Fire TV Stick device, log in to your Firestick account or select “Create a new account”

Note: when creating a new account, the user needs to enter the following information:

  • Your name
  • Your email
  • Password
  • Re-enter password

After you successfully register to have a Firestick account, sign in to your app with Firestick logging credentials to perform the next steps.

  • Step 5: Enter a 4-digit code

When you successfully log into your account on the phone, the TV screen will show a 4-digit code, you enter this code on the phone. If you enter correctly the two devices will be paired. And so you can use your phone to control the Firestick app on your TV.

  • Step 6: When synchronizing with TV, the application will ask you to press some navigating buttons: Home, Play, or Pause. After setting the navigation buttons, you will use your phone similarly to a remote control now.
  • Step 7: Complete the installation steps:
    • Set default language
    • Set wifi password
    • Parental control settings
    • Select programs and applications to download and install

You would do the same as usual to get the applications on Firestick, that is how your phone can come in handy for controlling Firestick remotely.

Alternative to the remote control
Alternative to the remote control

Next, let’s unbox the Fire TV Stick device and see how to set it up on your TV. If you already have Firestick set up on your smart TV, then skip to the next part.

Unboxing Fire TV Stick

The compact box comes with the remote inside. After unpacking, you should check the Firestick components to make sure you get everything, a FireStick device will go with these parts as:

  • The firestick itself
  • Adapter and Adapter cord
  • HDMI extender
  • Controller (it is your remote)
  • Battery
  • User manuals

In this case, we would put your remote away,  supposed to make do without it. Next, you want to perform these installation steps to set Firestick up on your TV.

Firestick Setup Guide

Plug the USB cord into the power adapter to supply enough power to the Firestick device, it comes with a battery, and a full battery can work fine for about 8 hours without charging.

Next, you need to plug the Firestick device into the TV’s HDMI port, the port is in the back or on the sides of your TV.

Turn on the TV and wait for the Firestick setting screen to appear.

Now you will see the message on the screen, and you need to use the controller to perform the functions, but since we have already put the remote away, let’s continue without it, shall we?

Frequently Asked Questions

In this part, I will answer some questions about the Amazon Fire TV and Firestick.

1. Where can I get the Fire TV Program app?

The app is available for Android and iOS operating systems, you should have no problem downloading and installing them.

But make sure your phone has enough space and upgrade to the latest operating system version. The Amazon Fire TV only takes up about 40MB, but when you download programs and apps on the Firestick it expands and takes up more space. In addition, some older iPads are running slow if using Amazon Fire TV because of the limitations of the outdated operating system.

2. Is it free to use Amazon Fire TV, I worry about in-app purchases?

Currently, the Fire TV Program is completely free on both Android and iOS app versions. You pay nothing to install and use it. It has been free since the day it came out.

3. Does the Amazon Fire TV support Alexa?

As you know, if you have a remote you can use the Alexa voice control app to command your Fire TV Stick. But if you don’t have the remote, you won’t be able to use Alexa. Currently, the Amazon Fire TV application does not support  Alexa. However, with the Amazon Fire TV, you can still use the voice control function of your phone. That works out fine too.

4. Should I buy a new remote to use the Firestick?

In case of losing control, you can buy a new one.  It depends on you. The Amazon Fire TV is a good alternative to the remote control as it provides most of the controller’s functions.

Alexa Voice Remote (3rd Gen) with TV controls | Requires compatible Fire TV device | 2021 release
Alexa Voice Remote (3rd Gen) with TV controls | Requires compatible Fire TV device

To conclude

Some users find the Amazon Fire TV easier to use than the remote control because they are more familiar with their phones. Another advantage is that you never let your phone out of your reach, it’s much more convenient to get to it than searching for the remote. So it’s also quite convincing that the Fire TV Program is a favorite alternative and you can use Firestick without the remote control.


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