How to Get to AV input on Roku TV

How to Get to AV input on Roku TV?

Roku is a brand of small square or stick-like devices used for the TV you can use to watch movies and TV shows via streaming apps. Some look like remote controls while others are the size of a chocolate bar. However, you can instead avail of Roku “installed” with the TV in the form of Roku TV.

You can get Roku Smart TVs from Onn, Hi-Sense (or Hisense), Insignia, Sharp, Element, Hitachi, Westinghouse, TCL, Magnavox, TCL, JVC, Philips, RCA, and Sanyo.

By the way, you’re probably asking yourself, “How to get to av input on Roku TV?” Here are several ways to go about it.

How Do You Get an AV Input on Roku TV?

To get an AV input on your Roku TV if it only has HDMI ports, you need to get the right converter or adapter to make it work on RCA composite, component video, S-video, and so forth (including rare connections involving SCART depending on the device needing the connection).

RCA to HDMI or AV to HDMI Converter
RCA to HDMI or AV to HDMI Converter


Older Roku TVs from the last decade should have A/V connections already available on them. In fact, when Roku came about back in 2008 or a good 12 years ago, Netflix was the only streaming service available to it. Nowadays, it has all the services included, from HBO Max to Disney+.

It even has competitor Amazon’s Amazon Prime channel or service on its lineup. Just remember that a Roku TV is essentially a TV with Roku built into it, particularly an LCD or OLED Smart TV.

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Which Devices in 2021 Still Require an AV Connection?

Not every popular device has made the jump to HDMI. Many Roku TVs have AV connections to cater to this old hardware and appliances that aren’t necessarily obsolete, even if they use RCA.

Notably, the Nintendo Wii—the best-selling game console of its generation—still uses A/V and component video ports instead of HDMI. Ditto with retroware consoles like the Nintendo GameCube, the Nintendo 64, the Super Nintendo, and the NES (Nintendo Entertainment System).

If your Roku TV has AV ports but they aren’t working, you need to add them back to your home screen because they’re probably not there by default.

How Do You Add the AV Input Back to Your Roku TV Home Screen?

If you have, say, a VHS or Betamax connected to the AV ports of your classic Roku TV but it’s not working, you’ll need to troubleshoot it to make it work and recognizable in the home screen. A common problem with vintage tech is sometimes they don’t get recognized by newer TVs.

AV Input Shenanigans at Setup

For example, when you go to your Roku TV’s Settings, TV Inputs, and AV, you might get a Mini Screen to Remove It and to Confirm Removal. It might miss access to the AV input itself. You can go to the option at the end of the Home Screen to add a channel or input.

It mostly depends on which brand of Roku TV you have and what sort of Roku software it’s using in order to access AV. It might also be a problem with the vintage tech. Some menus only appear when the device connected is recognized by your Roku TV.

Troubleshooting the Missing AV Input

There are also times when the AV input option has been moved in the home screen. If you’re able to access the AV port at all, then the TV recognizes it and is giving you options on how to remove it via settings. You can do things like remove your Nintendo Wii and add it back to your settings.

Sometimes, removal and adding the device back is your best bet. It’s possible you’ve overlooked the input, it’s been renamed on the Roku TV home screen, or it’s been misplaced altogether. In such cases, you can fix things by updating your Roku software or restarting your TV.

One potential fix is to remove the AV input, plug up your game, and then have the menu pop up on the Home Screen. You can even get it back to factory settings in order to access the original AV settings.

How Do You Turn the HDMI Input to an AV Input Instead?

To turn the HDMI input into an AV input for vintage hardware, you need either an adapter or converter. However, before anything else, let’s talk about the difference between the two types of format conversion.

Adapter vs. Converter

An adapter is different from a converter even though they basically do the same thing. In this context, they turn your HDMI input into an AV one to allow connectivity with consoles like the Wii or older DVD players with no HDMI output.

  • Adapter: An adapter is an extra or cable you can use to turn your HDMI port into an AV port to allow for old and new device connection. It works best with similar connections, like 1080i component video to 1080p HDMI.
  • Converter: A converter outright converts the digital signal into analog or upscale analog signals to digital. The best ones can make clear 480p video into a decent 720p or even 1080p Full HD upscale that’s not blurry or pixilated.

What Sort of AV Connection Is Being Used?

You should be aware of what sort of AV connection is being used by your vintage device. The Roku TV is a display device albeit a smart one (it can run apps, browse the Internet, and stream movies on its own).

Therefore, the devices that should interface with it (that doesn’t have HDMI connections) are typically media players like DVD players, VHS players, VCD players, LaserDisc players, cable boxes, TV boxes (for terrestrial TV), PCs, tablets, and smartphones.

You might need an RCA composite, S-video, component video, or SCART connection. Usually, a multi-AV port with all of these ports available should do the trick so that you can connect a variety of vintage devices to your Roku TV.

Also, Take Note

Getting an AV input on your Roku TV couldn’t be easier. If it’s an older TV, the AV input should be there and you should research or figure out how to switch the connection to a specific AV slot on the Roku TV home screen.

If there is no AV input available, make one by getting a converter or adapter to turn your HDMI port into an AV one that you can use to hook up your vintage VHS, VCD, DVD, or game console to your TV when push comes to shove.


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