How to use Netflix on Apple TV

How to get Netflix on Apple TV?

In recent years, together with the development of streaming services, Netflix has become more and more popular for users around the world. It offers customers the diversity of TV shows or movies produced by different countries at a reasonable price.

Like other Apple products such as iPhone or iPad, Apple gives you a great chance to connect with your Netflix account on Apple TV devices as well. So if you would like to use Netflix with it, is it simple? And how to get Netflix on your Apple TV?

How to use Netflix on Apple TV?

It is very simple and convenient for you to make use of Netflix services on any latest generation of Apple TV. However, in case an Apple TV Gen 1 is in use, you can open Netflix on this device like the other models.

Nowadays, even certain Apple TVs already install the Netflix app in advance once you buy it from the store. Otherwise, for any random Apple TV model, you will have to download the app for your devices so that you can enjoy your shows or movies. Here’s more information about the connection of Netflix on Apple TV:

The Netflix

This streaming platform was released in 1997 and its headquarter is located in the US. Since then, it has expanded their market to a lot of regions and countries over the world.

Unlike other favorite streaming services, Netflix does not support any live channels on their app. Instead, it offers you a huge number of original series suitable for both children and adults of all ages.

In addition, you do not have to see any advertisement while other platforms like HBO or Amazon Prime Video are not always free from any interruption of advertisements.

Based on customers’ feedback, the company has upgraded their services gradually to bring the best entertainment experiences to their users. Specifically, more Settings adjustments have been added or the latest technologies have been applied to improve the audio and video quality.

How to use Netflix on Apple TV
How to use Netflix on Apple TV

Which Apple TV generation can work with Netflix?

Most of the Apple TV models now have the ability to connect with Netflix services. Excluding the Apple TV Gen 1, you will be able to open your Netflix account directly on your Apple TV devices. Sometimes the Netflix app would be pre-downloaded for your Apple TV already so all things you need to do is to open the app and enjoy any program you want.

It is highly recommended for you to update your Apple TV to the most recent generation to get more impressive features. The newer model you have, the better quality of audio and video you gain. In other words, for the Apple TV 4 and Apple TV 4K, it offers you up to 4K resolution and new audio technology to display your program at the best quality.

How to connect Apple TV with Netflix?

It has an easy-to-go process to activate your Netflix on your Apple TV. You would consider the step-by-step guidelines as belows:

  • Step 1: Use the remote to open the Home Screen
  • Step 2: Search for the App Store icon on your screen
  • Step 3: Click on the Now Streaming option, then select Netflix or find Netflix directly in the Search box
  • Step 4: Select the Download button to install the app for your Apple TV
  • Step 5: After successful installation, open the Netflix app and choose the Sign-in or Login option to activate your account.

Now you will be able to enjoy any program available on Netflix.  Even though there is no cost to download the app on your Apple TV, you still have to pay the monthly fee to keep it working well. However, you can enjoy the app for free during the trial use period before you decide to get it for the long term.

Some questions related to the use of Netflix on Apple TV?

Why can’t the Netflix app work on my Apple TV?

In this situation, you should check carefully whether your Apple TV needs to be updated to the tvOS or not. Many system errors might happen easily if your tvOS is too old. However, if this does not work eventually, you should contact Apple Support to ask for their help. In addition, the poor or no internet connection is the reason for your problem with Netflix. It is useful for you to keep refreshing your app or restart your modem.

How to pay a monthly fee for Netflix via Apple TV?

It is possible for you to pay your Netflix bill like other apps from the iTunes store. You can sign in to your Apple ID account and then, click on the making payment option for your Netflix. Your monthly fee might be settled through your credit card compatible with your Apple account.

Final thoughts

Apple customers can now enjoy any favorite show or movie not only on their iPhone, Ipad but also on Apple TV devices. This streaming service is accessible for any model of Apple TV except for Apple TV first generation.

To open Netflix on your Apple TV, you only have to install the app for your device from the App Store free of charge. Sometimes, Apple has made this app available in advance for you on some specific devices. All you have to do is to enter your Netflix account to activate it on your Apple TV. During your use period, you will be able to make a monthly payments for Netflix with your Apple ID account.

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