How to Connect Sonos to Roku TV

How to Connect Sonos to Roku TV

Founded by John MacFarlane, Trung Mai, Craig Shelburne, and Tom Cullen back in 2002, Sonos is a speaker brand from America. They develop various audio products, particularly multi-room speakers. Patrick Spence is its current owner.

In turn, Roku is known as the developer of streaming devices, the most popular of which are the Roku Stick and the Roku Stick+. These sticks or media players enable HDTVs, projectors, and monitors to play streaming video on the Internet even if the display device lacks native Wi-Fi connectivity.

With that said, let’s learn more about the many different Sonos audio products and how each one is able to work with a given Roku product, specifically Roku TV.

Does Sonos work with Roku TV?

When streaming online content onto your TV via Roku Stick or Roku TV, you need the most capable speaker around to make the most out of your viewing experience. In turn, Sonos offers some of the best audio products around.

Roku TV is like a smart TV but it uses Roku streaming media player in order to stream content from Netflix, Disney+, Apple TV, ShowTime, Peacock, Roku Channel, Hulu, ESPN, Spotify, and so forth. Sonos speakers can connect to most TVs easily through Bluetooth, including Roku TV.

You can connect different Sonos products to your Roku TV such as Sonos One. However, because both the Sonos One and the Roku TV don’t support Bluetooth, you need a workaround to make the connection happen.

How to connect Sonos Arc to Roku TV?

In order to connect the Sonos Arc to Roku TV — you need a Premium High-Speed HDMI cable to connect to the HDMI port of your Roku TV.

Specifically use the port marked ARC. Afterward, connect the opposite end of the HDMI port on the soundbar Sonos ARC.

You can also adjust the settings of your ARC by pressing the Home button on your Roku TV remote. If you haven’t downloaded a Sonos app you should download it immediately for your tablet or smartphone (either iOS or Android).

Connect the Sonos Arc to Roku TV
Connect the Sonos Arc to Roku TV

How to connect Sonos Beam to Roku TV

In order to connect your Sonos Beam to Roku TV—or any TV (honestly)—you need to set it up first with your Sonos app. Only after setup is over can you then play TV or Roku streaming audio over the Beam device.

Put the Sonos Beam on the desired location where you’ll get optimum audio richness, from the musical score to the dialog to the sound effects. Plug the device in to give it power. Keep the included HDMI cable and optical audio adapter handy.

Connect your Sonos Beam to Roku TV
Connect your Sonos Beam to Roku TV

Connect to the available HDMI or optical audio port on your Roku Smart TV. The app will serve as your guide on which ports and cables to use when connecting your Beam specifically to the thankfully multifaceted Roku TV.

Finally, Setup on Roku TV: Home > Settings > System > CEC

How to connect Sonos Playbar to Roku TV?

Place the device in an appropriate location. Afterward, plug it in and turn it on. The Sonos Playbar can be connected to your Roku TV with the Sonos app as well.

Use the supplied optical audio cable that comes with your Playbar to your Roku TV’s digital audio out. Afterward, hook it up to the Playbar’s audio input. Because this is an optical cable and not an HDMI cable, you should be extra careful about twisting or bending the cable.

Connect Sonos Playbar to Roku TV
Connect Sonos Playbar to Roku TV

Now open your Sonos app and pick the “Setup a New Sonos System”. The in-app instructions should then help you complete the connection setup. Don’t forget to sign in or make a new Sonos account.

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How to connect Sonos One to Roku TV?

Sonos One has a compact design that allows you to fit it anywhere you want from the kitchen to the bookshelf as well as the bathroom (it’s humidity resistant). It’s a voice-controlled speaker with wireless aspects to it. It lacks Bluetooth though.

First, connect each Sonos One speaker and Roku TV with the Sonos app to the same Wi-Fi network.

Next, launch your Sonos app. Do the on-screen instructions on the application in order to add Sonos One as part of your Sonos speaker system. Also, place the speaker at an advantageous place that maximizes its surround-sound capabilities.

Then tap “Set Up a New System” then sign in. On the pop-up showing the Sonos One, tap “Add” then “Continue”. Also, tap “Set Up Products” in case you’re using the S1 version. Follow the steps and don’t forget to add voice command services along with the audio features.

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How to connect Sonos Move to Roku TV?

Go to the settings of your Roku TV and turn on Bluetooth. Select from the device list the Sonos Move. It should appear as soon as your Roku TV Bluetooth picks up its signal. It’s the same way your Bluetooth ear pods or speaker should appear on the list once Bluetooth is activated.

If your Sonos Move doesn’t appear on the screen then make sure your Move is in pairing mode and its LED lights are flashing blue. There’s a possibility that your Move has connected to another device. You need to unpair those two devices first to make a connection with your Roku TV.

Setup your new Sonos system with Move. Open your Sonos app and tap “Set Up a New System”. Follow the instructions afterward.


Here are some frequently asked questions (FAQs) regarding Sonos and Roku TV.

Can Sonos Beam connect to Roku TV wirelessly?

If your Roku TV lacks an HDMI-ARC port or its ARC is busted, you can connect the Sonos Beam to it wirelessly. You can specifically finagle your Sonos app to connect the Beam to your Roku TV with your Wi-Fi connection.

There’s also the alternative to hardwire the speaker to your router using an Ethernet cable. Now you can connect to your Roku TV via Wi-Fi since it’s a smart device and all smart devices have a Wi-Fi connection.

Does Sonos Beam work with TCL Roku TV?

Yes. Aside from Sonos Beam, the TCL Roku TV model is also compatible with the TCL Alto, the Yamaha Yas-207, the Polk Soundbar, and the Bose Soundbar. It’s not hard to find a compatible soundbar for the Roku TV and TCL Roku TV.

You’d be more hard-pressed to find an incompatible one. Any soundbar with wireless Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connections or modern wired HDMI and optical connections should easily connect with the smart TV.

Does my Roku TV have Bluetooth?

Roku TVs like the TCL 6-series and the Hi-Sense R8F lack Bluetooth. Many Roku TVs don’t have Bluetooth, actually. You’ll have to connect via Wi-Fi or something to get to listen to whatever you’re watching wirelessly.

Roku also offers the “Private Listening” feature. This streams audio to a connected tablet or smartphone through the Roku app. You can connect your Bluetooth Sonos device to those handhelds instead.

You need the Roku app to activate this service. After syncing the app with your Roku TV, plug your headphones unto your tablet or phone or connect to them via Bluetooth wirelessly in order to enjoy wireless Private Listening.

How to Connect Sonos soundbar to Sharp Roku TV?

In order to connect your Sonos soundbar to your Sharp Roku TV, you need to go to the System menu instead of the Audio menu. To be more specific, go to Home, Settings, System, and then select CEC to activate audio.

That’s where you can link up your Sonos to your Sharp Roku TV. This is just bad labeling on HiSense’s or Sharp’s part.

You can also physically connect your Sonos soundbar to the HDMI-ARC port. There’s also the option to get audio from your, for example, Sonos Beam when selecting a music source through your Sonos app. There’s also the Wi-Fi connection option established above.

How do I use my Roku remote to control my Sonos?

Here’s what you need to do. Open your Sonos app for Android or iOS. Go to the Settings tab and select System. Afterwards, select the room where your Sonos Home Theater device is placed. Under the Home Theater tab, select Remote Control Setup.

It should have in-app instructions that will allow you to configure your Roku remote in order to control your Sonos home theater. HDMI-type connections should allow you to work HDMI-connected devices with one remote.

The setup allows you to dictate which remote control functions apply to your specific Sonos Home Theater or individual audio products.


Can you connect Sonos to Roku TV? Absolutely. They have other means of connection, from HDMI to HDMI-ARC as well as AirPlay, in order to give you quality audio. Some Sonos products even support Bluetooth for streaming audio.

There are various minimal cord connections to try out, such as connecting the speaker to the media player or connecting it to a centralized speaker. The Roku TV also has various ports that allow for a direct wired connection. Afterwards, you can use the Sonos app to control the speakers via phone.

It mostly depends on which Sonos device you’re trying to connect to your Roku TV.


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