How to connect Firestick to Wifi with your computer?

Fire TV Stick is a beast for streaming on smart TVs, also offers great support for PCs and laptops to open up the world of unlimited streaming to cord-cutters worldwide. How to connect Firestick to wifi with your computer? Let’s find out the simplest ways to connect the compact Firestick to your computer within minutes.

How to connect Firestick to wifi by your computer?

  • Step 1: First supply power to your Firestick device.
  • Step 2: Plug the Amazon Fire TV stick into the HDMI port of a computer or your smart TV, and the Settings will appear, select Settings in the upper corner of the screen. (if your computer is not HDMI ports, you can see the next section “How to connect Firestick to a computer”)
  • Step 3: Select Network.
  • Step 4: Find your wifi network, if you want to connect your computer and firestick, these two devices must be connected to the same wifi network
  • Step 5: Enter the password to get access.
  • Step 6: Click Connect to use the wifi network.

So, How to connect Firestick to a computer?

You can connect the FireStick to your computer using three simple methods:

  • Connect Firestick with a PC via HDMI input port
  • Connect Firestick with your computer via VGA Adapter
  • Using Firestick with any computer

Fire TV Stick is a very handy and fantastic device that connects unlimitedly to all types of computers as well as supports multiple operating systems. The three simplest ways help you to use Firestick for streaming on your computer.

Method 01: Connect Firestick with a PC monitor via HDMI input port

For computers with an HDMI input port, the installation steps are straightforward.

  • Step 1: Check the resolution of your computer monitor and make sure it is at least 720p or more, the easiest way is to google your device model and keyword “resolution”.
  • Step 2: Check if your PC’s monitor has an HDCP port, otherwise you won’t be able to stream from Fire TV Stick, switch to using VGA Adapter as shown in the second method below.
  • Step 3: Plug Fire Stick into HDMI input port of PC monitor to launch Firestick setup, and connect HDCP cable between the PC and monitor.
  • Step 4: When the monitor shows Firestick settings, you should follow the same familiar steps to launch Firestick on smart TVs, after a few simple configurations, everything is all set for you to experience streaming unlimited with Firestick right on your computer.

Method 02: Connect Firestick with your computer via VGA Adapter

If you own a Macbook without an HDMI port, how do you stream with Firestick then? Don’t worry because we can work around that by using VGA Adapter. This is an extremely popular device that you use to connect your computer with a projector. I’m sure that you must have used or heard about the VGA device, so let’s use it to stream on your computer with Firestick.

VGA Adapter’s parts

A VGA Adapter to connect Firestick to the computer includes just 4 components:

  • HDMI Input
  • VGA Output
  • Audio output
  • Power supply
VGA Adapter’s parts
VGA Adapter’s parts

As for the audio output, if your computer does not have a built-in speaker (in most cases, desktop computers or some outdated laptops will not have built-in speakers), to hear the sounds, users can connect the audio output to an external speaker, or plug in your headset to listen.

Connect Firestick with your computer via VGA Adapter settings are as follows:

  • Step 1: Use the VGA cable to connect to your computer. Specifically, use the cable to connect with the VGA port, plug the headphone, built-in speaker, or external speaker to Audio Output.
  • Step 2: Plug the Firestick device into the HDMI port, now Firestick settings shall appear on the computer screen.
  • Step 3: Walk through the same installation steps as you do on your TVs. And that’s done in less than a minute.

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Method 03: Connect Firestick with any computer

One more option to connect Firestick to any computer that is so simple for even a newbie. You can use a video capture card and the free OBS program. The total cost for everything is only about $15, in turn, you can connect any computer running any operating system to the Firestick. It’s cool, isn’t it?

Connect Firestick by using a video capture card and the free OBS program

This is a small, cheap, yet extremely powerful device to connect between Firestick and your computer. It is only about the size of a USB stick, so you can carry this magic card in your pocket for handy and on-the-go streaming.

HDMI Video Capture

The device consists of an input and an output port.

  • Input: is an HDMI connection for you to connect to a Firestick
  • Output: use a USB connection port that is suitable for all computers

A USB connection port that is suitable for all computers

Installation and setting guide

To connect and set up this device, follow my step-by-step instructions and demonstrations as below:

  • Step 1: Visit the website

Select your computer’s operating system, click on the icon to download the software, currently, the HDMI capture card and OBS program supports the three most popular computer operating systems:

    • Window
    • Mac OS
    • Linus

Choose the appropriate download method for you, after downloading, launch the setup file on your computer.

  • Step 2: Plug the Firestick into the capture card and connect the capture card to the computer.
  • Step 3: After plugging the devices into the computer, the installation screen will appear, select the (+) icon then select Video Capture Device.
  • Step 4: Name your capture card, then select OK.
  • Step 5: In the Device field, point to the drop-down menu, select USB Video.
  • Step 6: Scroll down and check the box Use a custom audio device, then click OK.
  • Step 7: In the lower right-hand corner select Settings.
  • Step 8: In the main menu on the left, select Audio => Advanced, point to the drop-down options, and select Speakers. Then remember to Apply and OK to save the settings.
  • Step 9: go to the settings icon as shown in the picture
  • Step 10: adjust the sound settings to Monitor and Output, then select Close
  • Step 11: go out of the screen, right-click anywhere on the screen, point to Full-Screen Projector (Preview), select your screen as shown in the picture. That’s it, you have completed all the installation steps to use your computer as an unlimited streaming platform with Firestick.

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FAQs Related FireStick

In the section below, I will answer the most frequently asked questions. when you use Firestick to connect to your computer.

Can I connect Firestick to Computer via wifi without an extra device?

You can watch Firestick content on a computer, and that’s called casting or mirroring. That means you project the content from your TV onto your computer screen. As such, the computer only acts as a display screen, however, if you want to “stream” and browse the content and use the full functions of the Firestick on the computer, you need to follow the methods mentioned above.

Can I plug Firestick directly into my computer?

For computers with HDMI ports, you might be thinking why not just plug the Firestick directly into this HDMI port, right? But does it work?

Unfortunately, in most cases, the answer is no. You can only do that if your HDMI port is an input port. Do check your computer again, if you are lucky enough, some computers support both input and output HDMI.

In short, Firestick is an input device and needs to be plugged into the input port. However, most of the computer’s HDMI ports are HDMI output ports.

Furthermore, when plugging the Firestick directly into the HDMI port, the audio is usually not supported, so you may only see the images without hearing any sounds.

The simplest workaround, in this case, is to buy an HDMI Capture Card for 15 US dollars to have unlimited streaming without technical and connectivity issues.

Final Thoughts

With your computer, users can stream a lot of content, but it can be customized into a smarter, portable, and convenient mini TV. I believe that this article has provided you with the answer to the question “How to connect Firestick to wifi with your computer”. With easy installation methods and low cost for additional devices, you as a newcomer or even not tech-savvy can easily connect your computer to the firestick device via wifi without any problems.


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