How to connect Apple TV to TV without HDMI

How to connect Apple TV to TV without HDMI?

Together with a huge screen TV, viewers are able to achieve a higher level of satisfaction while experiencing their games or shows or movies from Apple TV. More TV brands currently enable their customers to pair a TV with Apple TV simply and quickly.

It is not difficult for you to attach your TV with your streaming device so as to play your programs. But how about having these devices connected with no HDMI?

How to connect Apple TV to TV without any HDMI?

Apple today offers you to connect your Apple TV box with your TV that does not support any HDMI port. Instead of having HDMI directly, you can pair your devices together via an appropriate converter device. You would follow these easy-to-go steps mentioned below:

What extra devices do you ought to have?

Before you begin, you must get some necessary instruments that can support you to get your Apple TV box connected with your TV completely. You have to get 4 extra supporting devices including HDMI cable, HDMI to Audio Video Converter (or AV converter), Audio Video cable (AV cable), and USB power jack. And keep in mind to get one thing for each device mentioned above.

HDMI to CVBS converter
HDMI to CVBS converter

You can make your order of those products simply via Amazon Web site and then your consignments could be delivered to your door within a limited amount of time. You would consider some recommendations as below:

  • HDMI cable with high speed known as AmazonBasics: This is a cable on which many features are available such as Ethernet, 3D, 4K video, and ARC (which stands for Audio Return Channel). It does not solely support Apple TV but also other brands of streaming devices. With a 2-meter length, you can get more flexible options when you are attempting to plug this cable into your devices. Moreover, you do not have another Ethernet cable in order to share your Internet connection with other devices.
  • Cingk HDMI To CVBS Converter Adapter: For this converter, you should know that it is solely possible for you to transfer information from HDMI to RCA monitor but it does not work if you try to get audio and video from RCA to HDMI.
  • RiteAV RCA Audio Video Cable: It comes with a bunch of 3 color jacks including white, red and yellow. Specifically, the yellow one is made to transfer video and these two other jacks support stereo audio. Besides, its length is also about 2 meters so that you can connect your devices much more conveniently.
  • USB plug: For this device, you would have numerous options from a wide range of brands and models. You will be able to pick up any USB plug suitable for your own preference and budget.

The steps to connect Apple TV to TV 

It is a simple method for users to attach your Apple TV streaming device to your TV without HDMI. You would take the action as follows:

  • Step 1: Have one side of the HDMI cable be connected with the port behind your Apple TV
  • Step 2: For the input port on the HDMI to AV converter, put the other side of the HDMI cable into it.
  • Step 3: Find the ports on the backside of the afore-mentioned converter, then plug one end of the AV cable into those ports.
  • Step 4: For the other end of the AV cable, put it into your TV ports
  • Step 5: Connect the tiny end of the USB cable with the USB port of the HDMI to AV converter, then connect the bigger end of this cable with a USB power plug and at last plug it into your outlet
  • Step 6: Connect your Apple TV and activate it
  • Step 7: Turn your television on, then find the suitable option within the Input menu on the screen.

Side note: You would choose the NTSC option if your recent location is the USA or Canada. Otherwise, select the PAL option when your residence is in Europe or Asia. Thus all your devices can be connected with success while you are enjoying your shows.

Some questions related to the connection of Apple TV to TV without HDMI

How to connect more HDMI devices on TV?

In order to connect multiple HDMI devices with one HDMI port on a TV, you should prepare a reasonable HDMI splitter. Thanks to this device, you can put more than one HDMI device into your HDMI port in order to get more pleasant services. However, you will have to pay lots of money so as to own these splitters.

Do all smart TVs have HDMI ports?

Most of the smart TVs with a flat-screen enable you to connect your devices via HDMI port. With this feature, you can get access to many other HDMI support devices through your TV in a more effective way.

Final thoughts

It is possible for Apple TV users to attach their device with their television without an HDMI cable. To do so, you should need some extra supporting instruments to transfer information among your devices completely.

You can pair your Apple TV box with your TV by using certain types of suitable converter devices rather than HDMI. Those devices can still bring you the same quality in audio and video or maybe higher compared to that of HDMI.

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