How to Change Language on Netflix Apple TV

How to Change Language on Netflix on AppleTV

If you wish to know how to change the language for Netflix Apple TV then keep on reading. It has something to do with activating the subtitles in the first place because the alternate audio and subtitle language are included in that menu.

Netflix is a highly popular platform available all over the world. They’ve changed the game and then some when it comes to how people consume their entertainment. They distribute films and TV shows through online streaming versus broadcast TV or cinema houses.

In light of its worldwide success and reach, let’s now discuss how to change your language on Netflix on Apple TV. It mostly involves accessing your subtitle options to get alt audio or changing the menu language itself.

How to Change Language on Netflix on AppleTV

In order to change the language settings on Netflix when browsing through it using Apple TV, you need to clarify what language settings you’re referring to. Is it the language of the subtitles? Or is it the alternate audio of the video you’re watching?

More often than not, it refers to the language of the text displayed on your Netflix app or account that allows you to navigate through the site or channel service. If you want to change the Display Language, do the following.

Changing the Display Language

On your computer or mobile browser, sign in onto your Netflix account at Or you can sign in onto your account using the Netflix app. From there, select your account then select a profile if the subscription features multiple profiles.

Go to Manage Profiles then select Language in order to select a Display Language. It can range from Bahasa Indonesia to South Korean (한국어 or Hangugeo) depending on your region. In others, you can select languages from French to German and so forth.  Select Save after making the changes.

Take note that if you don’t see any language changes onto your Apple TV, you may need to sign out then sign in again for the changes to take effect.

Changing Preferred Shows and Movies Languages

On your mobile browser or computer browser as well as mobile app, sign onto Netflix. Select you account, select a profile, go to Manage Profile. Afterwards, select Language then select Preferred Languages for Shows and Movies Languages.

Afterwards, change your settings. Netfix will typically put English as the default unless otherwise dictated by your country or region. For example, it’s likelier to default to Nihongo (日本語) for Japan and Mandarin Chinese (官话 or  官話) for China.

Netflix shows the 5 to 7 most relevant languages based on your language settings and location. Additionally, some titles only have English or otherwise subtitles available for them and no alternate audio

How to Change Subtitle Settings on Netflix with Other TVs

HDTVs or Smart TVs across the board require you to open the Netflix app or mobile browser version first before changing its settings on the upper right-hand corner. This happens after you’ve logged in and chosen a profile.

You can also choose Settings, Get Help, and Reload to apply changes for a given profile. The changing the languages and the appearance of subtitles or closed captions features might not be available in some countries that have the primary languages of the following:

  • Arabic
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Thai
  • Romanian
  • Hebrew
  • Traditional Chinese

Additionally, older devices might only use the default subtitle appearance and language, thus they won’t allow you to change them as well. Luckily, Netflix works on a region-by-region basis, so the default language will likely be local or English.

Changing Languages using Apple TV’s App

Apple has a TV app you can use to customize subtitles, audio languages, and other accessibility features on your Apple TV, Mac, iPad, or iPhone. This section explains how to change language and subtitles for videos viewed in the TV app as well as streaming devices. To wit:

  • Select Video: On your streaming device, smart TV, or Apple TV, select the video you wish to watch using the Apple TV app.
  • Click the Down Button or Swipe Down: After starting playback, click the down button on your remote or swipe down. Some manufacturers might use different buttons, though.
  • Third-Generation Apple TV: If you’re using Apple TV 3 then hold down “Select” on your remote for 3 seconds while the video’s playing in order to access the subtitles tab.
  • Select the Audio or Subtitles Menu: Select the menu for Subtitles or Audio. Afterwards, choose your desired language for your subtitles or your audio. It could be the same language and you’re only enabling closed captioning.

How to Change Subtitles or Languages on iPhone or iPad

You will also need to open the Apple TV app on your iOS device—some model or iteration of the iPad or iPhone—then find a video you wish to stream or play for viewing purposes. After starting playback, do the following:

  • Speech Bubble: The icon that looks like a speech bubble for comics should be tapped on. You can find it at the bottom-right corner of your screen while the video is playing.
  • Choose the Language: Select your preferred language for the subtitles or the audio that you wish to use. Note that some titles don’t have extra subtitles or alternate audio available.
  • Save Changes: Save the changes and enjoy your show. You might watch humorous closed captions for Cobra Kai Season 4 or get the latest English subtitles for Japan’s Demon Slayer.

How to Change Subtitles or Languages on Mac or PC

Again, open the TV app on your Macintosh or PC using such an app. Select the video you wish to play then play it. There should also be a speech bubble on the bottom right of the user interface. Click on that and open the subtitle, closed caption, and audio options.

Choose your preferred language for subs or alt audio as well as closed captions. You can also turn on subtitles or closed captions for the Deaf or Hard of Hearing (SDH) by selecting General, Accessibility, and Subtitles and Closed Captioning then enabling “Closed Captions + SDH”.


Essentially, it boils down to this. You have to go through several menus and options in order to change the language settings on your Apple TV for Netfix. The idea remains the same for other devices, like smartphones and tablets as well as PCs whether they’re made by Apple or other manufacturers.

It usually involves finagling with the systems settings within the Netflix app or website itself so that the language becomes your default option in your personal preferences. However, more often than not, the default language is the right one based on your region settings.


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