How to factory reset Apple TV without a remote

How to factory reset Apple TV without a remote?

Apple TV is one of the most favorite streaming devices in a wide range of countries and regions. It will be able to give customers the best quality of both audio and video compared to other brands.

It is necessary for any user to reset your devices to keep them functioning well in the long term. But can you factory reset your Apple TV? And how to factory reset your Apple TV without any remote?

Can You factory reset Apple TV without a remote?

For most of the current Apple TV models, it is possible for any viewer to reset their devices with no need for a remote. The process to do that is a little bit different among the models.

To reset your Apple TV successfully, you should check which model is in use to take the corresponding actions. Apple now offers you several ways to factory reset your Apple TV devices easily and quickly. Here’s the details:

What is the “factory reset”?

For electronic device lovers, this term is not strange at all. This feature is available on all devices to help customers change all the settings or fix some serious issues.

In addition to the name “factory reset”, it is referred to as the hard reset or sometimes master reset. If you take this action, your device will come back to its original state at the time you buy it. To be more specific, all your settings will be replaced by the settings of the manufacturers.  All your data saved in your device will disappear after you click on the factory reset option.

However, there are some ways for you to save any information you want in this process in advance. For each type of device, you would have different methods to save your data so that you can get it back after factory resetting your devices.

Factory reset on Apple TV
Factory reset on Apple TV

The ways to factory reset Apple TV without any remote

Until now, there are 3 main methods to factory reset your Apple TV:

Using Remote App on your iOS device

  • Step 1: Download the Remote App in the App Store on your device
  • Step 2: Check whether your iOS device is using the same network as your Apple TV or not
  • Step 3: Open the Remote app after successful installation
  • Step 4: Click on the Add Apple TV option, then select your Apple TV name
  • Step 5: Under the Settings heading, choose the System option and then the Reset button to factory reset your Apple TV.

For this step, if you are using the Apple TV Gen 3 or older, you have to select the General instead of the System option on your device.

Using iTunes App on computer

  • Step 1: Disconnect all the linked cables on your Apple TV including the power cable and HDMI cable.
  • Step 2: Install the newest iTunes version for your computer
  • Step 3: Use a USB cable to pair your Apple TV to your PC. In case an Apple TV Gen 3 or below is in use, you should get a micro USB cable. Otherwise, for the Apple TV Gen 4 or later, a USB-C cord is suggested.
  • Step 4: Open the mentioned iTunes, then click on the Apple TV button
  • Step 5: Move to Summary, then choose the Apple TV option, then start to reset your Apple TV

Using the Tuneskit iOS System Recovery

It is considered as the most common third-party iOS repair tool which is available on both Google Play and App Store. To use this tool, you have to install it for your device from the application store. Once you activate the app, it can help you not only reset your Apple TV but also fix other system errors.

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Some questions related to the factory resetting your Apple TV without any remote

Does factory resetting the Apple TV remove your apps?

The answer is yes. Once you carry out the resetting process, your device will come back to the initial condition. It does mean that all the apps you have downloaded before will be deleted from your Apple TV. Therefore, you should make a suitable decision before selecting the Confirm button.

What is the difference between the restart and reset option on your Apple TV?

Sometimes, your Apple TV will have some small errors so you need to restart and update your device. However, all your main data would still be maintained on your device. Meanwhile, when you choose to reset your Apple TV, all the apps, as well as the accounts saved before, will disappear. At this time, your device has no difference from the new one with all the settings from the manufacturers.

Should you reset or restore your Apple TV to its factory settings?

There are some discrepancies between these two options. You should know exactly what you want to do with your Apple TV so as to take true action.

For the Reset option, all your settings will be removed from your device, consisting of your accounts and configurations.

For the Restore option, you can not only replace your settings with the factory settings but also install any software updates for your Apple TV. Specially, you should keep your internet network available during this process.

Final thoughts

Apple now offers 3 main methods in order to reset your Apple TV into the factory settings. All of them are simple for any user to settle at their home.

It is possible for you to download the Remote App, iTunes App, or get the Tuneskit iOS System Recovery for other devices. Therefore, you will be able to reset your Apple TV via other supporting devices instead of your TV remote.

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