Does the Xbox 360 have Spotify

Does the Xbox 360 have Spotify?

About the Xbox 360, it is one of the most competitive game consoles in the worldwide market for several years. In addition to displaying video games, it offers you a wide range of services to satisfy your demand.

Along with Spotify, the Xbox 360 might give their customers comprehensive experiences. But can you get Spotify on your console? Or does the Xbox 360 have Spotify?

Does the Xbox 360 have Spotify?

Unfortunately, the Spotify app is not officially available on any Xbox 360 model. However, there are some alternative methods to stream your Spotify playlists on your Xbox 360.

Does the Xbox 360 have Spotify
Does the Xbox 360 have Spotify?

Now there are 2 main ways to make use of Spotify on your Xbox 360. You can play your Spotify songs from a connected USB flash drive on your Xbox 360. All Xbox 360 can support a USB 2.0 port. Otherwise, you can take advantage of other useful platforms to stream your Spotify playlist on your Xbox 360. Here’s the detail:

The Spotify

Spotify was released for the first time in Sweden in 2006. This is now the most common digital music streaming service among music lovers around the world. With Spotify, you get some features as belows:

  • Quality of music:

For Web player: AAC 128 – 256kbit/s

For desktop, tablet and mobile: Automatic, Low (about 24kbit/s), Normal (96kbit/s), High (160kbit/s) and even Very High (up to 320kbit/s) for Spotify Premium only.

  • Podcast quality: The quality of podcasts on Web players is around 128kbit/s while it is 96kbit/s for other devices. Podcast quality can be adjusted to no lower than about 24kbit/s on mobile or tablet.
  • Video: You can connect with a huge collection of music videos, documentaries, and video series on the Spotify app. The data usage of Spotify is quite comparable with other famous video channels.

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Stream Spotify music on Xbox 360 through other devices

After downloading your music on your computer, you need a music converter called Sidify to transfer your Spotify content into your USB flash drive. Here’s how:

  • Step 1: Open the Sidify, then select the Add
  • Step 2: Upload your favorite Spotify playlist into this converter
  • Step 3: Move to Settings, then choose the Output Format option and fill in the blank boxes
  • Step 4: Choose the Convert button to export the mentioned playlist to your computer
  • Step 5: Move to the Converted option to check which songs are converted successfully
  • Step 6: Connect your USB drive with your computer, then transfer the playlist from the computer to the USB

Now the next step is to pair your USB flash drive to your Xbox 360 so as to play all those songs:

  • Step 1: Plug your USB drive into the USB port on your console
  • Step 2: Hold down the Guide button
  • Step 3: Choose the Music Player option under the Media heading
  • Step 4: Choose the Portable Device option

Now you will be able to pick up any song or video available on your download playlist saved in the USB flash drive.

Stream Spotify music via the Jamcast platform

Sometimes it is difficult for Spotify to stream any song or video on other devices. However, you can take advantage of Jamcast to use this feature on your devices. It is possible for any user to get this service free of charge. Here’s the detail:

  • Step 1: Install the Jamcast software on your PC
  • Step 2: Find your Xbox name on the Devices Tab option to check whether your console is compatible with it or not
  • Step 3: Activate the Spotify
  • Step 4: Switch on your Xbox, then choose the Music option
  • Step 5: Click on the Jamcast from the list of connected devices, then choose the Playlist and Virtual Soundcard option
  • Step 6: Press the Play button

Since then, it is easy and quick for you to stream any song or video from Spotify on your Xbox 360 console. Besides, keep in mind to update your software to the latest version regularly. Therefore, all the features can function well.

Some questions related to the usage of Spotify on the Xbox 360

Can you listen to your Spotify playlist while playing your game on the Xbox 360?

Once you start to stream your playlist on your Xbox 360, it will continue playing even when you play your game. For most of the Xbox 360 models, it is possible for you to change the settings directly on your device. Therefore, you will be able to disconnect your in-game music to keep enjoying your Spotify playlist.

Is Spotify free on the Xbox 360?

Unfortunately, Xbox 360 does not support Spotify service free of charge except for the Spotify Free package. The number of features you can get is depending on which subscription option you choose.

How to fix when Spotify has the “Can’t play this right now” problem?

In this case, you should take the action as belows:

  • Exit and re-enter your Spotify
  • Check the Sound Settings in the menu
  • Plug your device into other USB ports on your console
  • Delete and redownload your Spotify

Final thoughts

None of the Xbox 360 offers any official installation of Spotify. To stream any Spotify content, you should have a USB flash drive or Jamcast software.

For the Jamcast service, you just have to download the suitable version for your computer, then connect it with your Xbox 360. Meanwhile, for the USB drive, you need to download and transfer the Spotify content from your computer to your USB via the Sidify converter.

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