Does Roku Have AirPlay 2?

AirPlay 2 is the new version of Apple’s AirPlay. Do Roku devices have AirPlay 2 compatibility or not? Learn more by reading this article. You’ll also get to learn the newest features from Roku OS 10 on top of support for the newest Airplay version.

Roku came about as a solution for TV streaming on non-smart TVs. It allows you to watch Netflix on TV instead of on a smartphone or iPad. It also recently rolled out its latest operating system to coincide with the new hardware and software being used by streaming channels or services in the 2020s.

So with that in mind, what about AirPlay? Do Roku devices have AirPlay 2? Does its new operating system allow for AirPlay/Airplay 2? Didn’t Netflix already stop support of Airplay for Apple, so how can this work out?

Does Roku Have AirPlay 2?

In a word, yes.  The latest Roku has a new operating system or OS (the same way PCs have Windows or Apple Macintoshes have Mac OS) that gives its HD streaming hardware compatibility with HomeKit and AirPlay 2. This is good news in light of the “incompatibility” of AirPlay for previous Roku devices.

AirPlay is used to allow mirroring for Apple TV and Apple devices. The way it worked was that since direct mirroring of iPhone, iPad, and MacBook interfaces in order to watch Netflix off of your television ended up with a copyright block from HDCP (HD Copy Protection), Apple TV could be used to bypass it.

You can use AirPlay and an Apple TV mirroring itself on your HDTV in order to watch Cobra Kai’s newest season on Netflix on a non-Apple HDTV, with the Apple TV serving as the middleman.

Does Roku Have AirPlay 2
Does Roku Have AirPlay 2?

But Didn’t Apple Cancel Airplay Support?

Yes, and this bummed out many Roku TV and Netflix users with Apple products. Netflix simply observed that the original AirPlay had issues doing screen mirroring on non-Apple devices or daisy-chaining Apple TV with your iPhone to allow you to watch Stranger Things on your HDTV.

Roku found a way to allow for AirPlay 2 and Apple device support. Roku already handles Netflix and Prime streaming though, so screen-mirroring between Apple and non-Apple devices for streaming purposes tend to be redundant.

Instead of using Airplay to stream Netflix from your iPhone to your TV you can now do the reverse and stream Netflix from your Roku TV or device to your iPhone depending on which offers better convenience.

What Can You Use AirPlay Support for?

AirPlay support can still be used by Roku to allow for screen mirroring on various Apple devices like Apple TV and so forth, with it serving as your source media for Netflix, Hulu, Spotify, and so forth instead of the other way around.

Instead of accessing Netflix on your MacBook’s web browser or an app on your iPhone, you can get a direct feed of such from your Roku operating system or vice-versa. You can mirror a feed from your phone to a Roku-enabled TV.

When Roku first introduced Airplay 2 for its platform, it was only available with select 4K TVs and players. Airplay 2 is the Ultra HD version of Airplay, actually.

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What Can You Expect from Roku’s Airplay 2 Support?

The Roku platform allows Apple users to use the Airplay service on Netflix once more after compatibility issues with the original version of the software came about.

As mentioned before, with the roll-out of the latest version of Roku’s OS, you now get HomeKit and AirPlay 2 compatibility for all of its HD streaming devices. When Roku initially introduced Airplay 2 on its platform, it was first only available to select 4K players and HDTVs.

Universal Support from Nearly Every Device

Later on, even those with Roku Express and several models of HD Roku TV should be able to stream their content directly to their Macs, iPads, and iPhones. Or you can daisy-chain a stream from Apple devices to non-Apple devices by establishing a daisy-chain between Roku and Apple products.

You’ll also have the ability to control such mirroring devices through the Apple Home App and Siri because of the additional HomeKit support.

The Newest Features of the Latest Roku OS 10

Roku OS 10 is the gift that keeps on giving. It has many notable features that expand your entertainment options significantly. For example:

  • Instant Resume: Roku OS 10 has Instant Resume, which allows viewers to automatically go back to the place they last left off when watching streaming services. This also ensures you have a faster reload experience when push comes to shove.
  • Disclaimer: Instant Resume only works on supported channels such as the Roku Channel, STARZ,, HappyKids TV, Fubo Sports Network, FOX News Channel, FOX Business Network, FilmRise, and AT&T TV. The availability of the feature should expand in the future.
  • HDR10+ Support: You also get High Dynamic Range 10+ support, which means instead of a limited color palette, you’ll get a more variegated and true-to-life high-fidelity picture.
  • Live TV Channel Guide: Roku OS 10 also offers the Live TV Channel Guide. This feature that’s exclusive to U.S. subscribers allows them to hide from viewing individual channels and add channels to their favorites list by guide.
  • Auto Detection of Game Consoles: Roku OS 10 automatically detects certain game consoles when hooked up to the TV while also configuring your supported features to optimize the TV’s performance and responsiveness when in videogame mode.
  • Virtual Sound Setting: If you have a Roku Streambar Pro or Roku Smart Soundbar, then you can avail of a virtual sound setting from your Roku TV or Roku product linked to your HDTV for crisper, cleaner sound.
  • Roku Voice and On-Screen Keyboards: The OS also allows various onscreen keyboards (U.S. subscribers only) to use Roku Voice with them in tandem, allowing you to quickly find content by voice and keyboard controls.
  • Roku Voice Results: On top of keyboard integration, Roku Voice search results have improved by leaps and bounds, leading to a wider, deeper, and smarter results page when you use those voice commands.

Across the Board

Although depending on Airplay on Roku for screen mirroring Netflix on your iPhone on a non-Apple TV is a bit redundant seeing that Roku already is already a streaming channel service, it does allow you to mirror Apple content on multiple TVs, monitors, and even projectors without an HDCP block.

The HDCP block tends to cut off Netflix and Prime feeds specifically as copy protection or a shield against easy piracy of a streaming channel on an “unauthorized” display device. For most Apple users though, this allows them to watch Netflix and Prime without getting the separate apps for them.


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