Do you need wifi for Firestick

Do you need wifi for Firestick?

There’s no doubt that the Fire TV Stick is today’s most popular and convenient way to access online programs, media, and apps. For just about $50, you can get a Firestick and a range of extensions or supportive devices. With the latest technology-packed entertainment platform like Firestick, you are connected to a world of endless entertainment.

What’s more, you can stream unlimited directly from various content sources if you get the wifi network on Firestick. Only by clicking a button, you can have films, sports, reality shows, football matches, literally a magical world of joy and excitement.

But without the Internet, what would happen? Some users think that if there is no network, the Firestick will become useless. Is Wifi a necessity for using Firestick? The article will give some valuable insight for you, suggesting some activities and functions you can perform on Firestick without wifi.

Do you need wifi for Firestick?

You can completely use Firestick without Wifi. Here are the methods to help you perform on Firestick without wifi.

  • Get back online via mobile hotspot
  • Access to offline content and programs
  • Open apps on Firestick
  • Use Firestick’s Freetime Unlimited Plan

1. Get back online via mobile hotspot

The first thing when you are off your internet connection is to find a wifi hotspot. All smart mobile phones have this function.

By connecting Firestict to a wifi hotspot, it will return to full power, you can have all the channels, applications, and normal functions back. Therefore, when you have a phone with cellular internet, you can start connecting Firestick to the hotspot to stay online.

The steps to connect Firestick to mobile hotspot are as follows.

  • Open Settings on your mobile and enable wifi hotspot
  • Open Alexa App on Firestick, press tab button to select Devices
  • Go to “Amazon Tap”, then select Edit/Change (depending on Firestick version)
  • Find the name of the phone wifi hotspot on the menu
  • Click “Start” to use the wifi hotspot, enter the password for the wifi hotspot and you are back online in less than 30 seconds.

After the Firestick is reconnected via the hotspot on the phone, all Firestick functions and applications will work normally. You should be aware of your phone’s cellular limit, streaming multimedia content on the Firestick can take up a lot of your phone’s cellular data.

Amazon Fire Stick
Amazon Fire Stick

2. Access to offline content and programs

When you do not have an Internet connection, you will still be able to use and view downloaded content without any troubles.

Firestick has 8GB of local memory and can have expandable memory for storage. So you can download an entire season of your favorite movies or series to watch IPTV content and more offline on Firestick.

Play offline games/applications

Firestick allows users to install a lot of apps and games. Many of them do not require a wifi network to be used. It works just like the way the applications work on your phone.

When you’re offline, certain apps can listen to watch be used. You can play lots of games too because most of them do not require an Internet connection.

Access downloaded content library

All content you have downloaded to your device’s storage will be accessible at any time. Firestick has enough internal memory for application installations and content downloads.

A Firestick comes with 8 GB for storage. Apart from your installed apps, you will have about 5GB to save multimedia content. 5GB is a number that you can make do.

Surely it is limited, but you can have up to a few movies and series offline to enjoy anytime. Just avoid downloading 4K, because high-resolution content eventually takes up too much space.

Feature Firestick with Kodi to download content to your local storage

KODI is more than an app, it’s a browser with many useful add-ons. KODI allows you to stream a variety of IPTV and other multimedia content. And it’s also free to use for unlimited downloads of films, sports, music, and much more.

Read about KODI here if you want to learn about how to get the best out of it to stream pretty much anything.

3. Open apps on Firestick

When there is no network, users can still access the applications on Firestick and use those applications offline as mentioned. Here’s how you can launch apps from a Firestick device:

  • Step 1: Turn on the TV and Firestick. Go to the Home screen of Firestick and select Settings, the button in the upper right corner of the screen
  • Step 2: Select Applications and then choose to Manage install applications
  • Step 3: Scroll up and down to the application you want to open and select Start Application

4. Use Firestick’s Freetime Unlimited Plan

If you have kids at home and you don’t want them to be exposed to uncontrolled content on the Internet. You should consider signing up for Freetime Unlimited.

This is an economical subscription that gives offline access to the content you have downloaded. It will be in a library and you can access it at any time. With this package, parents can disable the internet and control the content their children watch.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Does Firestick have wifi built-in?

The answer is yes. But this built-in wifi network only transmits signals. It transmits signals back to the website to execute commands from your Firestick device. That means it doesn’t help you stream and view content from online sources.

Technically, you will not be able to use it for the purposes of watching movies, listening to music, or playing games.

2. Can I use the cable to connect Firestick to the Internet? Is wifi the only option?

You must admit that Firestick is a very compact device. It even fits in your pocket, purse, or mini bag. Therefore, it does not support connecting to the Internet via ethernet or other types of wired network connections. Wireless connection is elegant and trendy. It is a worthwhile trade-off.

You can use a wired Internet connection with the Firestick. It is a possibility with the support of a WiFi router. This device is widely available on the market. But why not go wireless and cut all these troublesome hassles, cords, and wires.

To conclude

With this article, I hope you have gained some useful knowledge to get the best of Firestick. Of course, you will need wifi to take full advantage of it. But I hope now you know there might be something interesting to do when there is no wifi network. You can still use some functions and have fun with them. They will help you get through the day before you go back online in no time.


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