Can you mirror iPhone to Amazon Firestick?

Fire TV stick is a powerful device for you to stream any online content like TV shows, blockbusters, live sports, apps, games. In the article, we will share the answer for you as well as the methods to mirror iPhone to Amazon Firestick.

Can you mirror iPhone to Amazon Firestick?

The answer is certainly Yes. You can totally mirror iPhone to Amazon Firestick. iOS users can also mirror content from their device to the Amazon Fire TV Stick. It’s more than one way to do this and does not require you to pay to buy any additional equipment.

All you need to do is install an application that supports mirroring functions like ApowerMirror, AirScreen to mirror iPhone to Amazon Firestick. Or you can do the same if you know how to take advantage of built-in Airplay in Roku.

What is mirroring?

Basically, it is copying or projecting content from the iOS device screen onto the larger Firestick screen. This function will be extremely useful when you want to present to a large group of people. Mirroring will help you turn your Fire TV Stick into a home theater.

When mirroring, both video and audio signals are transmitted to the Firestick. That means it’s not just the image that gets enlarged on the screen. What’s more, the sound is no longer coming from the phone, but through the TV’s speakers, to greatly enhance your entertainment experience.

There are a few terms that have similar meanings to mirroring.

  • Casting/Chromecast: It is a device that takes content from one screen and displays it on another screen simultaneously.
  • Screen mirroring: It is a function available on iOS devices, iOS-based devices can use this function to mirror each other’s screens. That is, you can mirror iPhone screen to Apple TV just by Screen mirroring
  • Screen projecting: It’s similar to mirroring, available on some other devices

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What is needed to mirror?

Your devices, iOS, and FireStick need to be connected to the same wifi network to be able to mirror content. The speed and image quality when mirroring also depends a lot on the Internet connection speed. So you’ll want to upgrade or use a high-speed wifi plan for the best mirroring experience.

Which iOS device can mirror content to Amazon Firestick?

As long as you own iOS-based devices, you can mirror them to Firestick. Whether you use an iPad, iPhone, or another iOS device, you can use these methods below to protect the device’s content onto the Firestick’s screen.

Methods to mirror iOS devices to Firestick

Using third-party apps to mirror iOS devices to Firestick

ApowerMirror is a stable and good quality application for this. Besides, there are also many other applications with similar functions. I will list a few names for your reference such as AirScreen, AirBeamTV, Video & TV Cast for Fire, iWebTV, AllConnect for Fire TV…

The way these applications work is similar. You download and install the mirroring app on both iOS devices and Firestick. Then, on your phone or iOS device, you select “Screen Mirroring” to connect with Firestick. it is very straightforward. I will go through in details one of them to give you an insight into how it is done.

Mirror iOS devices to Firestick using ApowerMirror

This app is available on the Amazon Store and is completely free. you can install it within seconds.

  • Step 1: On the Firestick screen, go to the search section (click on the search icon in the upper left corner of the screen)
  • Step 2: enter the app name ApowerMirror to search for it on the store
  • Step 3: Click on the application to install. Then the application will be automatically downloaded and installed on Firestick.
  • Step 4: Now it is necessary that Firestick and iOS device connects to the same wifi network. You open the application on Firestick. It is necessary to allow the application to access the photos and media on the device.
  • Step 5: Select “phone screen mirroring”.
    • If your phone has the application installed, select Run ApowerMirror
    • If you do not have the application installed on your phone, select “Install ApowerMirror on mobile”, then scan the QR code to get a link for you to download the app.
  • Step 6: Open the ApowerMirror app on your phone. Connect the application to the local network. Select Continue to proceed. You need to allow to use the device’s location in order to find other mirroring devices.
  • Step 7: Select “Mirror” on the phone screen, wait about 2-3 seconds to find Firestick
  • Step 8: Swipe down the phone screen to look for the “Screen Mirroring” shortcut. Tap on “Screen Mirroring” and you’ll see the name of the Firestick device listed there. Tick that to mirror directly to the Firestick screen.
  • Step 9: To end mirroring, uncheck Screen Mirroring on iOS device

Using ApplePlay builtin on Roku to mirror to Firestick

Before going through mirroring steps, you need to upgrade your Roku to the latest version. Because some old versions do not support built-in ApplePlay, which is crucial to this connection.

  • Step 1: Home => Settings => Apple AirPlay and HomeKit
  • Step 2: Turn on AirPlay
  • Step 3: In the Require Code field, select First Time Only (just so you don’t have to enter the code next time)
  • Step 4: Open your iOS devices (they need to be connected to the same Internet network. Swipe down, at the menu icons select Screen Mirroring, you will immediately see the name of the Roku device here.
  • Step 5: Enter the 4-digit code on the TV screen into the iOS device to set up mirroring. That’s it, you’re done. Now, any content on your iOS device is mirrored to Firestick
  • Step 6: To end mirroring, uncheck Screen Mirroring on iOS devices.

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Can I use AirPlay to mirror iPhone to Firestick?

To use AirPlay you will need to install Roku on Firestick and update this app to the latest versions to have AirPlay built-in mode. Then you are good to go, just follow the steps shown above.

2. Is it possible to mirror iPhone to Firestick with VPN?

VPN will not interfere with mirroring iPhone to Firestick. However, you should be aware that a VPN can slow down your Internet connection a bit. So, my advice is to use a stable and high-speed Internet plan. With that, you can use with VPN and ensure the best image quality when mirroring.

To conclusion

If you already have Roku, use the built-in ApplePlay to mirror from iOS devices to Firestick. If not, then you also have many other apps to enable this function. With the above information, we hope screen sharing between your personal device and your Firestick display just got a whole lot easier for you!


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