Can Xbox 360 play DVD

Can Xbox 360 play DVD?

Xbox is a home video game console developed by Microsoft Corporation. The standout features of this line are the Xbox Live streaming service, which includes two versions: free and subscription.

With this feature, Xbox gives users the ability to compete online, download game trials, watch trailers, buy and watch live broadcasts of TV shows, music and movies through the Xbox Video and Xbox Music portals; also access services from the third partner through media applications.

Can Xbox 360 play DVD?

The answer is yes. Xbox 360 is accompanied by an optical drive that can be used to playback DVD files. Furthermore, some of them also support Blu-ray and 4K video playback.

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Notices when playing DVD on Xbox 360?

Firstly, each Xbox console is manufactured for a specific DVD region, following internal standards. For smooth on Xbox, you must make sure DVD is sold in the same region as the console.

Secondly, you should check the region, DVD types and find media formats supported by Xbox. Whether you want to stream DVDs or watch converted DVD digital formats on Xbox.

Can Xbox 360 play DVD
Can Xbox 360 play DVD?

Which methods to play DVD on the Xbox 360?

Play DVD on the Xbox 360 with Bluray Player App:

Bluray Player App allows you to watch movies available in your region through the Xbox console.

Step 1: Setting Bluray Player Xbox 360

From Xbox Home, you enter Xbox to open the user manual. Following, you enter the home page and choose the store, search for the Bluray app, and click get to download and install.

Step 2: Play DVD on Xbox

After setting, open Blue Player and it will automatically play the DVD you inserted.

Play DVD on the Xbox 360 through USB:

Step 1: Download the DVD.

First, you need to give a disk on your computer. Then, you download this DVD to Xbox converter for free via download link on your laptop or Mac. Install and run it right away.

After you Click the Butcher tab in this software. Double click the plus button in the middle and the software will automatically load your DVD.

Besides, you also need to click on DVD download in the upper left corner and select load DVD, DVD ISO or DVD folder.

Alternatively, click Load DVD in the upper left corner and select Load DVD, Load DVD ISO or Load DVD Folder.

Step 2: Select Xbox 360 format

You select Xbox 360 format video as mp4, .mov, .wmv, .m4v, .mp4v,…) from Rip all to the drop down list in top right corner. If you want to keep all subtitles and DVD original music, you should use MPG Lossless.

Now, the Custom Profiles icons next to the output format allow you to modify the video codec, bitrate, resolution, frame rate, channel, etc.

Step 3: Convert DVD to Xbox

In this step, you just need to click Rip all in the main interface to start converting DVD to Xbox format.

Step 4: Play DVD on Xbox 360 console

After converting, you copy and paste files to DVD on your USB drive. Then, you plugin the USB drive into your USB port in Xbox 360 and open the Media Player app to select and play the converted DVD movies.

Which methods to fix error when Xbox 360 does not play DVD:

Check DVD region:

You must ensure that your Xbox 360 disc and DVD were bought from the same country. Otherwise, Xbox 360 will not play DVD due to region code.

In that case, you can run Vidmore DVD Monster to fix it, if you don’t know how to change region code.

Clean DVDs:

Make sure your DVD is clean and error-free. You can use a soft, clean, and slightly damp cloth to clean the disc. Remember to hold the disc by the edges instead of touching the surface of the DVD.

Re-Install the app:

The DVD not playing on Xbox 360 can also be solved by reinstalling the player app.  After receiving the error code Xbox 360, you need to follow these steps:

Step 1: Select the home page and search options in order.

Step 2: Search for Bluray to access the Bluray Player app.

Step 3: Download and install the Bluray Player app for free.

Step 4: Try to play DVDs on the Xbox 360.

Repair Xbox 360 drive:

If the Xbox One troubleshooting methods above don’t work, it’s possible that your Xbox One console needs to be repaired. During this time, you can fill out the Service and Device Repair online form.

You can visit your local Microsoft Store, send in a non-working Xbox One device, or create a repair order to get help from the experts.

Some questions about Xbox 360 play DVD issues:

Why does the Xbox 360 not play DVD through Bluray Player?

If you watch DVDs offline, make sure the DVD region matches the region on your Xbox console.

If you watch DVDs purchased online, check the Xbox console’s parental controls to see which DVD movies you can watch on your console.

How to update Xbox without Wifi:

You can not update Xbox without Wifi. So, when updating Xbox in the newest version, you must connect to the internet.


So, can Xbox 360 play DVD? It’s Yes because it is accompanied by an optical drive which you can use for playing back DVD files.

Furthermore, during playing with the DVD process, you should notice some methods for solving the problem if the Xbox 360 is not playing DVD by checking the region, cleaning DVDs, re-installing the app, and repairing Xbox 360 drive.

Besides, you also can refer to some ways to play the best DVD on your Xbox 360.

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