Can I use Apple TV on my Samsung TV

Can I use Apple TV on my Samsung TV?

Samsung is a Korea-based corporation, that is well-known for its high-quality electronic products all over the world currently. Together with Apple TV, you will be able to get more enjoyable and stunning feelings.

Many Samsung devices now support Apple TV services for their customers. But if you would like to activate your Apple TV on your Samsung TV, is it complicated? Can you set up your Apple TV on your Samsung TV?

Can I use Apple TV on my Samsung TV?

Yes, some ranges of Samsung TVs will be able to support the Apple TV on their devices. Specifically, only certain 2018 models or later can be compatible with Apple TV channels.

Can I use Apple TV on my Samsung TV
Can I use Apple TV on my Samsung TV?

Therefore, you should check carefully whether your Samsung TV is accessible for Apple TV or not before making any purchase. Otherwise, you might search for Apple TV on your TV in use directly so as to activate this Apple service. Here’s the information about the availability of Apple TV on Samsung TV:

The Samsung TVs are compatible with Apple TV

Samsung currently offers their Apple TV users to connect with their accounts on their TVs. However, it solely works with some specific models of Samsung TVs. Besides, there is no limit for applicable locations in connection with this feature.

Here’s the detailed list of the Apple TV-compatible Samsung TV:

  • Samsung QLED 8K ver 2019 and 2020: Series 8K Q9, Q8
  • Samsung QLED 4K ver 2018, 2019 and 2020: Series Q9, Q8, Q7, Qx
  • Samsung UHD ver 2018, 2019, 2020: Series 6 to 8
  • Samsung Full HD or HD ver 2018, 2019, 2020: Series 4, 5
  • Samsung Serif series 2019 and 2020 model
  • Samsung The Frame series for 2018, 2019, and 2020 versions
  • Samsung The Sero Series (only 2019 and 2020 models)

Samsung TV is well-known for its great quality as well as attractive design, thus it would be a good choice for you to collaborate with Apple TV app. The latest version of the Samsung TV you get, the more features you will be able to enjoy through your Apple TV. Each model has some specific specifications, thus determining which features you want to get. Therefore, you can pick up the most appropriate TV to get along well with Apple TV.

How to activate Apple TV on Samsung TV?

If your Samsung smart TV is accessible to the Apple TV, you might follow this guideline as belows:

  • Step 1: Find Apple TV on your TV. You can type the app in the Search section or you can use your smart remote to open your Apple TV.
  • Step 2: Under the Settings menu, choose Account
  • Step 3: Choose the Sign-in or Login option on the screen.

It is possible for you to activate your Apple TV account on your TV directly. Otherwise, you can select the Sign-in option via mobile phone. In this case, you might get access to the Apple TV page and enter the code on your TV screen into your phone or just scan the QR code provided. Next, you should adhere to any upcoming instructions so as to activate your Apple TV successfully.

Some questions related to the usage of Apple TV on Samsung TV

Why can’t you get Apple TV on your Samsung TV?

To deal with this issue, you would take some action as follows:

  • Check if your Samsung TV is compatible with Apple TV or not
  • Make sure that your internet network still works well and your devices are connected with the network
  • Send your request to Apple Support so that Apple employees will be able to help you handle it in a correct way

How to connect with the app store on Samsung smart TVs?

You can take advantage of your voice control option on your smart TV remote to do it for you quickly. In other ways, you can hold down your Home button to activate your Home screen menu. Then, find the apps you want in the search box or install the apps for your TV if it is not available yet.

Is Apple TV free on Samsung smart TVs?

Apple has offered customers one year free of charge for Apple TV Plus if they buy any new Apple products since 2019. Therefore, you can stream any shows or movies from your Apple TV Plus on your smart TVs at no extra cost. After one year, it only takes you about 5$ to get access to several high-quality programs on your Apple TV Plus with any other supporting devices.

Final thoughts

Due to the deep understanding of customers’ demand, Samsung has upgraded many models of their smart TVs so as to be compatible with Apple TV. Specifically, this feature is now acceptable on both Samsung QLED 4K and 8K, Samsung HD, and Ultra HD as well as some outstanding series like Serif, Frame, and Sero. The newer the Samsung TV version is in use, the more features you can get via the Apple TV app.

You will be able to find out Apple TV directly on your TV Home screen or download it via the App store. Then it is simple to use your smart remote or your mobile phone to sign in to your Apple TV account. Since then, you can have opportunities to enjoy any game or movie you want on your smart TVs with Apple TV services.

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