Can I get Apple TV on my Sony TV

Can I get Apple TV on my Sony TV?

Sony is a Tokyo-based group corporation which is famous for the high quality and durability of electronic equipment.

Sony offers their customers to connect with a wide range of streaming services. But is it possible for you to connect your Sony TV with Apple TV?

Can I get Apple TV on my Sony TV?

Sony has offered their customers to use Apple TV on some of their TV models. To be more specific, it supports this feature on Sony TVs that came in 2018, 2019, 2020, and 2021

You should update your TV to the latest version in order to get the best quality in both audio and video. Moreover, in each range of smart TVs, it only works well with certain models. Thus, you ought to check whether your smart TV is compatible with the Apple TV or not first of all.

Can I get Apple TV on my Sony TV
Can I get Apple TV on my Sony TV

In addition to Apple TV, you will be able to enjoy Apple TV Plus with more outstanding services. Here’s the information about the connection of Apple TV on Sony TV:

The Sony TVs that can support the Apple TV app

Like the majority of Japanese brands, Sony has always tried their best to bring the best quality products for their users at an affordable price. Based on their customers’ understanding, they have offered the availability of many streaming platforms including Apple TV on their devices. So many viewers can have a great time for entertainment.

However, not all Sony TVs can support the Apple TV. Here’s the detail:

  • For 2018 models: Sony Z9F and A9F Series
  • For 2019 models: Sony Z9G, A9G, X950G, and X850G Series
  • For 2020 models: Sony XH90, X90H, XH92, Z8H, A9S, A8H, X95H, X85H, and X80H Series

As you see, most of the Sony 2020 Smart TV models come with Apple TV while the other two versions only support Apple TV on some specific series. Besides, for the use of Apple TV, you have to make sure that your TV is running the latest software version. Sony offers customers a simple process to check if your TV is updated or not. It is useful for you to consider the following website to get the detailed guideline:

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The steps to connect your Sony TV with Apple TV

Like other brands of smart TVs, it is a simple process to get your Apple TV ready on your Sony TV. You would follow the step-by-step guidelines as belows:

  • Step 1: Use your remote or ask for the available virtual assistant to open the Home Screen on your TV
  • Step 2: Find the Apple TV on the Search In case that it does not appear, move to the App store to install the Apple TV for your smart TV
  • Step 3: Click on your Apple TV icon and choose Start Watching
  • Step 4: Go to Account section under Settings heading
  • Step 5: Select Sign-in or Log in to activate the Apple TV. If you have your Apple ID already, just enter your account on the screen to start using your Apple TV services on Sony TV.

Now, your Sony TV is ready to be used with your Apple TV. So you can stream a large number of videos or movies or games on your TV screen easily and quickly.

If you want to update your Apple TV into Apple TV Plus, you will have to pay a monthly fee to get even more convenient services. To install your Apple TV Plus, you can search for it on your TV and then, adhere to any instruction suggested on screen.

Some questions related to the installation of Apple TV on Sony TV

How do you compare different models of Sony TVs?

To figure out the specifications of each Sony TV, you can follow the steps as belows:

  • Step 1: Get into the Sony website
  • Step 2: Select the Electronics option, then choose a product category
  • Step 3: Click on the product you would like, then press the “Select to compare” button. In case you want to compare more than one product, select the “Compare Now” option when it pops up on your screen

Is Sony TV or LG smart TV better for the use of the Apple TV app?

LG TV will be a good choice for gaming purposes in some aspects. Otherwise, if you want to watch your favorite programs on the Apple TV app, get a Sony TV instead. Sony LED TVs can offer you brighter and more impressive pictures than those of LG.

Why can’t I find the Apple TV app on my Sony TV?

  • Make sure that the Sony TV model you use is compatible with the Apple TV app.
  • Check whether your region supports this feature or not. Here’s the list:
  • Check for software updates.

Final thoughts

It is possible now for any Sony users to connect your TV with Apple TV or even Apple TV Plus. However, this feature solely works well with some 2018 Sony smart TVs or later.

After your confirmation of the suitable TV model, you might activate your Apple TV on your smart TVs with your remote control. All the things to do is to search for or download the Apple TV and then sign in your account to enjoy any movie and show available.

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