Can I get Apple TV on Amazon Fire stick?

Amazon Fire Stick is becoming more popular among streaming device users. This can give their customers lots of impressive experiences in all respects.

Apple offers viewers to connect with Apple TV easily and quickly on many existing devices. But if you would like to use Apple TV services on Amazon Fire Stick, is it still possible?

Can I use Apple TV on Amazon Fire Stick?

Yes, Amazon Fire Stick now supports a wide range of streaming services including Apple TV on their devices. You can enjoy your Apple TV with Fire TV Stick Gen 2 and Fire TV Stick 4K.

However, this feature is only valid in some countries and regions. In case you do not know, your Apple TV will solely work with Fire TV Stick from Amazon in the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain, and India.

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Before any purchase, you should consider whether your device is compatible with Apple TV or not. Thus, you might take advantage of all supporting services comprehensively. Here are the details about the connection between Apple TV and Amazon Fire Stick:

The Amazon Fire Stick

This is a well-known streaming video device that is sold by Amazon. It offers you a better quality of video and audio together at an affordable price.

The Fire Stick shape looks like a big-size USB that has the ability to support an HDMI port. So you can connect it with your TV by plugging it into the HDMI port. With this feature, you will be able to use any type of TVs having HDMI function to stream your programs from the Fire Stick.

On the Amazon website, you might find some Fire TV Stick models such as Fire TV Stick Gen 2 and Fire TV Stick 4K. It is highly recommended to purchase Fire TV Stick with 4K resolution so that you can get the best services equivalent to any latest versions of Apple TV.

There are several channels available and free to download on this Fire TV Stick except for Netflix or Hulu. Therefore, you will have a chance to connect with a lot of games or TV programs at a very low-cost thanks to the Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Fire TV Stick 4K streaming device with Alexa Voice Remote | Dolby Vision
Fire TV Stick 4K streaming device with Alexa Voice Remote | Dolby Vision

How to use Apple TV on Amazon Fire Stick

Since 2019, Amazon offers Fire TV Stick users to get access to Apple TV services through their devices simply. However, this feature is only supported in some specific countries and regions including the US, Canada, the UK, Germany, Italy, Spain and India. Therefore, you should determine whether you live in the listed locations or not before making any order.

The process to set up Apple TV for Amazon Fire Stick is very simple so that any user will be able to connect them by themselves at home. Here’s how:

  • Step 1: Open your device, then find Apple TV in the Search section or give the direct command for Alexa remote for Fire TV Stick 4K
  • Step 2: Click on the Get button to install the Apple TV
  • Step 3: Sign up or log in with your Apple ID to start using Apple TV services

Now you can enjoy any TV shows or movies or even games accessible for your Apple TV with your Fire TV Stick. Besides, you would keep in mind that you have to prepare your own Apple ID to activate your Apple TV account. That is because you can not get Apple TV services free of charge at the time you buy your Fire TV Stick.

Can I get Apple TV on Amazon Fire stick
Can I get Apple TV on Amazon Firestick?

Some questions related to the use of Apple TV on Amazon Fire Stick

Is there any monthly fee for the use of Fire Stick?

You solely have to pay in order to get your Fire Stick for your home at the beginning. After that, you must not pay any cost for your monthly use of Fire Stick anymore. However, in case you want to upgrade your device to Amazon Prime, it will charge you around 12$ per month to connect with all existing functions.

Do you need a Fire Stick if you have a smart TV?

In case that your smart TV offers you all the streaming options you want already, you do not need to buy any extra supporting device like Fire Stick. Nevertheless, for any smart TV on which does not have many services available, you can get a Fire Stick for entertainment purposes. So you can achieve a higher level of satisfaction.

Can Fire Stick replace HDMI cable?

First of all, there is no need for an HDMI cable to connect your TV with Fire Stick. You can put your Fire Stick directly into your TV HDMI port so as to stream any program you prefer. And remember that Amazon Fire Stick does not work as a cable but it will be able to bring several online channels into your TV via different apps.

Final thoughts

Amazon Fire Stick is one of the most common streaming players nowadays. It offers you to play games or watch movies from several different channels including Apple TV.

To get the best quality, you should get a Fire TV Stick second generation or Fire TV Stick 4K to link with your Apple TV. All things to do is to plug your Fire TV Stick into your TV HDMI port to pair the two devices together. Then you might activate your Apple TV account with the smart remote so as to start using it.

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